Apr.12 - Charles Leclerc insists he remains fully committed to Formula 1 - despite launching into the ice-cream industry.

Recent rumours suggested the Ferrari driver wanted to open an ice-cream parlour in his native Monaco - but the initiative then gained speed.

Now, in collaboration with Italian gelato company Grom and his manager Nicolas Todt, Leclerc is actually launching his own low-calorie ice-cream brand appropriately called 'LEC'.

"I initially had the idea of opening a shop in Monte Carlo," he admits, "but then I met Federico Grom thanks to some mutual acquaintances and we thought about doing things much bigger than that."

The move echoes Lewis Hamilton's similar project, with the 2025 Ferrari driver and seven-time world champion having recently launched Almave - a non-alcoholic blue agave spirit.

"We were talking about it recently," Leclerc told Deejay Chiama Italia. "He has this new Almave project of his, which is very nice because he has developed a new drink while I have ice cream.

"So for sure, when he arrives at Ferrari, we will celebrate with my ice cream and his drink," Leclerc smiled.

"I'm already working on new flavours for 2025, but in the meantime we have the aim of also arriving in French supermarkets by the end of this year."

Grom commented: "We haven't thought yet about real ice-cream shops like the one Charles wanted to open, but in the future who knows."

The timing of Leclerc's new commercial foray is slightly awkward, however, given that he's currently struggling to stay on terms with his departing Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz.

Although admitting that "no one likes finishing second", the 26-year-old denies that his venture will be a distraction.

"I never would have dived into this project alone because I don't have much time available," Leclerc said. "99 percent of my life is Formula 1 and my priority is to be the best Formula 1 driver. I dedicate everything I have to F1."

Leclerc was also asked about Fernando Alonso's decision to extend his Formula 1 career for at least two more seasons at the grand age of 42.

"I won't still be in F1 at 42," he insists. "I'd like to try something else by then, like Le Mans."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc's Gelato Gambit: F1 Star Launches 'LEC' Low-Cal Ice Cream Brand

  1. shroppyfly

    shops cost money, all hes done is put his name to it, pure branding exercise, as for Honors veggie burgers and blue pop wtf...! ,Burgers have flopped, over half shops closed, but ice cream is cheap, so maybe......

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    Full-time racing driver, part-time musician, & part-time ice cream maker or designer.
    He's starting to become full like Lando & Max.

  3. CanadianEh

    Hey, good for Chuck. Drivers need to think about their post-F1 future, you know, diversify. I mean, after all, Dame Lucille has a new line of banana-hammocks for him and thongs for her slated for introduction at the British Grand Prix. On the other hand, Vettel's organic mushroom drink didn't pan-out as well as he had hoped.

  4. Blo

    Who’s going to be the first to throw free samples to the crowd as they drive round.. I understand Ricciardo is going to sponsor Pepsodent, very popular In China and Japan. One for the oldies


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