Oct.9 - Charles Leclerc says he is not expecting "miracles" from another Ferrari upgrade this weekend at the Nurburgring.

Amid its deep 2021 slump, the Maranello team seemed to take a step forward at Sochi thanks to a minor car upgrade.

"We have more new pieces here after analysing our problems," Leclerc confirmed at the German circuit, "but let's not expect miracles.

"We need time, but we are in the right direction," he told Sky Deutschland.

Leclerc also said he hopes the cold and wet conditions at the Nurburgring shake up the pecking order in Ferrari's favour.

"I don't know how the weather will affect us, but certainly with races like this there are more opportunities," he said.

"We have always struggled with the cold but we have never competed in such low temperatures."

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