Jul.8 - Charles Leclerc has hit back at claims of deep divisions within the Ferrari team.

After the chequered flag at Silverstone, Leclerc was so obviously upset with his race strategy that team boss Mattia Binotto gave him an instant rebuke including finger-wagging.

They then cleared the air with a dinner on Wednesday at Monaco's famous Hotel de Paris, after Leclerc reportedly cancelled a planned sponsorship appearance.

"I wanted to stay at home and get away from everything to get ready for Austria, so he joined me to make sure that I was alright," the 24-year-old said at the Red Bull Ring.

When asked who paid for the meal, Leclerc smiled that "there are always dinners like this".

He hit back at suggestions that Ferrari is now dangerously divided, amid rumours some team members refused to watch British GP winner Carlos Sainz on the podium or attend the victory team photo.

"It is not true that we are divided," Leclerc is quoted by La Repubblica newspaper.

"These are just rumours spread by the media from which we must protect ourselves. We are a united team and we will remain so," he insisted.

"Of course I was unhappy and some parts of the team were disappointed as well, as the last five races have been tough. But there is no division in the team and this is definitely not the reason for not everybody being in the photo.

"Half of the team who stayed for the picture missed the plane to go back home, so that was quite difficult," Leclerc explained.

"I will believe in the world championship as long as the math allows," Leclerc, who is 42 points behind drivers' standings leader Max Verstappen. "There are no hard feelings whatsoever."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc insists that Ferrari is not a divided team now

  1. Swede

    Finger Wagging? Charles said Honor to was simply trying to cheer him up. ;-)

    I think Mattia was was actually telling Charles which hair dressers to avoid in Great Britain. Compare his doo to Boris'... see why he had to share this no-no with young Charles?

    • John B

      Why are people posting shite like this

      Who cares about Mattia's hair

      Leclerc needed to be told like Eddie Irvine was in the past

      They need to remember who pays their wages and show them some respect

  2. ha ha

    its divided allright,charle is faster of the pair carlos is very jealous of him and begrudges charles success.not a team player by any means,ha ha

  3. smokey

    "Leclerc insists that Ferrari is not a divided team now" ..... So is he saying that Ferrari were divided in the recent past? Who is he trying to convince that Ferrari is no longer divided, us or himself?

  4. shroppyfly

    Italian mentality Im afraid,back to the Schumacher days, He, nor JT, nor RB would have taken any Crap from anyone in the team,all proven winners, prior to joining Ferrari,alas the last 2-3 Team managers, whilst likeable and some with fantastic hair, just don't have that Iron fist mentality, it reminds me of AN at Mcl , Ron messed him about so, having taken enough Ronspeak to fill a bath, AN said Sod this i'm off, as for whose he trying to convince US and the media, great driver, but a bit naive and inexperienced in certain ways is my observation


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