Feb.20 - The paperwork surrounding the Las Vegas GP is being called into question.

Commissioner Tick Segerblom, of the Clark County jurisdiction that is home to the famous city, alleges that the county never actually signed a contract with Formula 1.

"It turns out that we never signed a contract, that was all with the LVCVA," he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, referring to F1's deal for a race taking in the fabled 'Strip' with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

"Everybody keeps saying that we've got three years - we never committed to three years, to my knowledge."

The matter will be discussed at Tuesday's meeting of the Board of Clark County Commissioners.

Indeed, local broadcaster KSNV News 3 confirmed that an agenda item for Tuesday's meeting is "to discuss Clark Country's involvement with future Formula 1 races".

The development comes after last November's first modern Las Vegas GP, which was controversial among certain sections of the public and small business community.

"We are very serious about looking back, going back and re-evaluate what happened, and try to figure out ways we can tweak the system or even dramatically change the system," Segerblom told the broadcaster.

"Because, in a lot of ways, it was a great event for us. But in a lot of ways, we paid the price for it and learned the hard way."

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