Sep.13 - Italian officials have slammed quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel for criticising an aircraft flyover ahead of Sunday's Italian GP.

La Gazzetta dello Sport quoted the German driver as blasting the grid flyover of a commercial airliner and the aerobatic military 'Frecce Tricolori', who spectacularly trailed smoke in the colours of the Italian flag.

"I heard that the president of Italy insisted on the flyover," former Ferrari driver Vettel said.

2022 F1 Italian Grand Prix analysis by Peter Windsor

The flyover at Monza (2022)

"He is about 100 years old, so maybe it is difficult for him to let go of this kind of ego-related thing.

"But we were promised that the flyovers were over, but it seems that F1 gave up despite the objectives we made to make the world a better place," he added.

Giuseppe Radaelli, the president of Monza circuit operator Sias, responded to Vettel's stance.

"For the first time, the planes flew with 25 percent biofuel - an important experiment also for civil aviation," he is quoted by Il Giornale newspaper.

Geronimo La Russa, president of the automobile club di Milano, was even less impressed.

"I'm sorry that a former world champion, who also won his first grand prix in Monza, created a controversy as useless as this," he said.

"All he has to do now is apologise to President Mattarella and all Italians. I was taught that the president is respected, especially if you are a guest in a foreign country."

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17 F1 Fan comments on “Italians slam Vettel for his latest controversial flyover criticism

  1. CanadianEh

    It is awkward to witness the conversion of Sebastian from a clean-cut WDC to an over-the-hill greasy-haired, un-shaven SJW, Identity Politician. In the province of British Columbia (AKA - "Lotus Land"), Seb would be known as a "Shrub". So he shall be known henceforth - "The Shrub".

    To these people, everything is subjective. Facts are irrelevant if they disagree with how you feel about something. And, "making a difference" to The Shrub and his ilk, often comes down to impolite comments and insults to put people on their heels. Deflect and attack.

    Frankly, the sooner The Shrub is yesterdays news, the better.

  2. Susan

    Seb worked hard at establishing a reputation of being a decent man. How sad that he ends his career on such a sour note. His comments are so uncalled for, unnecessary and hurtful towards a 100 year old man. This does not further is cause in any way shape or form. Shame on him. I feel nothing but disappointment towards him.

  3. John B

    Time skinkbum loser boy was consigned to history with his legacy of talking shite

    What a turncoat

    He took the money 💰 when the going was good with no thought of the environmental impact he created

    Good luck with the rainbow 🌈 bike painting business

  4. smokey

    As he goes over the hill and out of sight, he leaves a sad reminder of how twisted he has become in the recent past. Doing his best to undermine and devastate the business that gave him fame and fortune. What a sad end to a remarkable individual.

  5. Susan

    What a sad legacy he leaves behind. No one will remember him as a good and decent man and that he won 4 WDC.
    With his recent performance and uncalled remarks, he’ll be remembered as disappointment to so many loyal fans. Being a SJW and hypocritical eco warrior will all be forgotten in a short period of time. He should have quietly just retired.

  6. shroppyfly

    Its funny , younger people blame older people for , not understanding , lets say global warming and for enjoying the decades of gazz guzzlers and fossil fuels, but its the generation after WW2 that had nothing, and repaired everything, not once but 3 times,Today, the younger Generation , just live in a throw away society, oh its stopped, does not work, its 2yrs old -i want a new one, 2 clicks on the phones and Mr Amazon will deliver me a new one in his electric van, regardless of where or how , or the actual cost of it. The non repairable throw society away , that screams--save the world blindly .
    Its a sad fact that today's kids don't know how to mend a puncture on a push bike, change the fuse on a plug,or even know what a phillips screwdriver is(and if todays 14yr olds dont know how to, then the next generation don't stand ANY chance of saving the planet, Go Greta Go... is what irks my father whose 86 , is that nothings repaired these days, even simple things like hoovers and tumble dryers -they stop and are simply replaced when a simple repair is possible, ermmm saving the planet, i believe in certain Euro countries at least there is a Law , that products MUST BE repairable, that's fine ,but it doesn't mean they Are REPAIRED
    I might be on a Rant, but I'm right, save the world yeah right, i set a challenge, in schools for those on here that have kids, how many hours a week are devoted to teaching kids how to change a plug,or mend a puncture,( because cycling is a good thing right- BUT BUY AN ELECTRIC CAR --thats the future ) or think can it be repaired?, and not simply replaced, oh they learn about global warming sure, and electric cars, and Greta sure but in daily living solutions BUGGA ALL, buying everything electrical that's got an eco grade A sticker on it, oh look at me everyone , how good am I,Yeah made in china in a factory powered by fossil fuels doing way more eco damage year on year, that we will ever do, So back to Seb....before i blow a head gasket (made in china btw) and Italian prime ministers and presidents, hes 81yr not 100, Trump 75yr-in power, Biden 80yr-in power, and Sebs beloved Austria, 10 different Prime ministers in the last 22yrs....!, right off now to fit shiny new brake discs on my car, oh look Made in China, damn hypocrite me

    • CanadianEh

      Hey, Shrop

      100% agree with you.

      Time was, when I replaced the brakes, I took and rotors and drums to the local pars store, and they turned them for like $10 a piece.

      Those days are long gone. When I but brakes parts - or any parts - I will pay the extra to get them made ANYWHERE except China. It isn't easy, but it is possible.

      Seb's generation are all about virtue-signaling and cancel-culture and cultural Marxism. Nothing internal. Wife and I took an expensive helicopter tour and we were thoroughly engaged with the pilot (female millennial) on the tour. She mentioned that most of the people her age hardly look out the window, preferring to stay glued to their phones. Oh, and mommy and daddy paid for it as well.

      I heard once upon a time that we are remembered for what we did, not who we are. Sadly, The Shrub will go down in the history books as having a brilliant start, but a tainted and distracted ending. Shame really. But it is his choice to make the poor decisions he is wont to make.

      Oh, and BTW - Austrians - the OTHER Master Race.

  7. Susan

    I totally agree. Greta needs to go back to school and learn something more than espousing “climate change”. This generation of SJWs give a lot of lip service and nothing else. This also includes F1 drivers. Seb and Lewis reaped the benefits of driving fossil fueled race cars, living very extravagant lifestyles, flying on private jets without two licks about the environment. Now that they are at the end of their careers, they have become champions for Mother Earth. Smells fishy and phony. Lewis is Lewis, there isn’t a cause out there that Lewis isn’t involved in, but Seb is a huge disappointment.

    • Donalf

      I thoroughly agree with you as I've been on about it for a while now, how dare he put down Italy 🇮🇹 over their air display what gives him the right to trash another countrys celebrations if he feels that bad about then he should put his millions where his mouth is and do something positive.


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