Aug.3 - Hugo Boss, the well-known German fashion brand, could take over the naming rights of Red Bull's second Formula 1 team AlphaTauri.

Dr Helmut Marko has already revealed that the Faenza based team will get a brand new name for 2024.

"If a deal goes through, the team would likely start as Hugo Boss Bulls Racing," reports

Hugo Boss is currently a sponsor at Aston Martin.

"It is even thought that a purchase of the entire Red Bull clothing brand AlphaTauri by Hugo Boss" may be on the cards, the report added.

However, it is also claimed that team sponsor Orlen may be interested in the deal, with a decision set to be made by Red Bull in September.

Another publication, Kolner Express, said a Hugo Boss spokeswoman did not want to comment about the potential move from Aston Martin.

Elsewhere, Speed Week reports that with Alfa Romeo stepping away from the Swiss team Sauber due to its transition to Audi, the Italian carmaker could take over the naming rights to Haas' Ferrari engines from 2024.

Haas would therefore be known in F1 as Haas-Alfa Romeo.

"This will be announced at the Italian GP in early September," Speed Week said.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Hugo Boss Bulls Racing: A Fashionable Takeover in F1's AlphaTauri?

  1. shroppyfly

    Quite momentous though , Boss have been around since at least the Prost/Senna Mcl days , to finally get as title sponsor that is a big deal for f1 and Boss themselves, a big step up

  2. Blo

    Aaah? Aston Alpha Andretti Honda + Yuki and daddy’s boy.
    Hugo will bring millions of new money to RB where Alpha T got a free ride on the company race cars.
    With AAAH they would get the same coverage with much more upmarket names at much lower real cost to Parent RB.
    Shoot me down Stroppo.


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