Sep.30 - Red Bull boss Christian Horner says it's "fun" to witness the discomfort of his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff in 2021.

The pair are nominally at the top of the title-charging top teams in the heat of the ultra-intense world championship battle - but Horner says their roles differ fundamentally.

"There's a lot of respect between the two teams, but he and I are very different," Horner told Servus TV.

"I want to be close to the action, sitting up there with the engineers and strategists. Toto prefers sitting in the garage next to the press officer."

It's that sort of inter-team needle that has added an extra edge to the 2021 battle - but Horner insists that he actually enjoys it.

"The more upset Toto gets, the more fun it is," he laughed.

And he is confident Max Verstappen can now close the mere two-point gap to championship leader Lewis Hamilton, especially after the Dutchman so successfully overcame his back-of-the-grid penalties at Sochi.

"Mercedes are beatable," said Horner. "But we can only do it if we deliver a top performance every time."

He also has immense respect for seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who racked up his 100th win last Sunday.

"Statistically speaking, Lewis is the most successful driver and he continues to drive at a very high level," said Horner.

"Especially at the end of a race, he is always exactly where he should be."

But Horner says the entire Red Bull team can handle the pressure of taking on both Mercedes and Hamilton.

"Everyone is motivated to the tip of every hair," he said. "This battle is a lot of fun for them - they've taken on the challenge with relish."

Horner continued: "Sochi went much better than we hoped.

"We took our grid penalty, we have two Mercedes circuits behind us and we're two points behind Hamilton.

"It looks good for the rest of the season."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Horner enjoys seeing Wolff is getting more upset this season

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Very often patting yourself on the back leads to pain. Better that Horny and the doc concentrate on gathering points in every race. A WDC triumph and a WCC failure will be a hollow victory for the team. Can't blame losing on your #2 driver forever.

  2. Rider18

    So am I, sooner or later you’re gonna get beaten by somebody else. That’s the way sport goes and it was the way I was raised, you have to except that you can’t win them all and you need to be gracious in defeat. I remember Schumacher and Ferrari were when they’re domination was broken in 2005, they were pragmatic and excepted that other teams finally did a better job than them. Being a perfectionist like Wolf and Hamilton will only get no where when things don’t go you’re way 🏁

  3. Manxman

    Horner definition in Wikipedia:

    An English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin that derives from the Middle English word for the occupation horner, meaning horn-worker or horn-maker, or even horn-blower.

    And from Merrimack-Webster...Horner - process by which one more frequently behaves like a tool


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