Jul.29 - Max Verstappen's Honda engine appears to have survived the huge 51G crash that left him briefly hospitalised after contact with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.

"Thank God the engine can be used again," Red Bull top official Dr Helmut Marko revealed to RTL.

The team has estimated the damage bill at between EUR 750,000 and 1.5 million in the new budget cap era, but the apparent survival of the power unit is at least good news for the championship leaders.

"The power unit was sent to Sakura for a thorough inspection," a Honda spokesman told Japanese media.

"Some parts were replaced without breaking the FIA seals, which is allowed by the rules.

"So we will be using this power unit on Friday to conduct full-scale tests on the track, after which we will have a clearer idea of its possible use in racing," the Honda official added ahead of the Hungarian GP.

Marko continued: "If there are no further difficulties or technical problems, we will get through the season with the three permitted engines so that Max will not be penalised."

However, he admits Red Bull's budget cap plans have been affected by the huge damage bill.

"Of course we budgeted for a certain amount of accident damage, but that is calculated on the accidents of the past few years," said the Austrian.

"But we have never had such a serious accident as this one. It means we have to adapt.

"We don't want any restrictions for 2021, but that means we have to save elsewhere. The financial experts and engineers are doing that now, so that we can shape it in such a way that there is no loss of performance for Max," Marko added.

Therefore, he is expecting Verstappen - with nothing but "a stiff neck" - to be back at full speed this weekend in Hungary.

"Thanks to our continuous improvements, we should keep the upper hand in Budapest," said Marko. "It's also supposed to be very hot, which also suits us.

"We want to maintain a certain distance from Hamilton so that such incidents cannot happen again."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Honda F1 engine Verstappen survived heavy crash of last GP

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Wait a minute. A team can ship an engine half way around the world, let the mfg. massage and fondle it, and the FIA takes their word for its condition? What's wrong with this scenario? "We didn't break the rules, honest". FIA seals, right, and I've got beachfront land for sale in the Mojave.

    • Linda

      Absolutely what I was thinking. I bet the engine has been 'tweaked' somehow. Is Adrian Newey in this country atm? Not right now obviously, as the engine is here now. I hope the FIA check this engine out

    • MichaelM

      Nothing is more dishonest that LH behaviour that caused all the damaged to the MV car and landed MV in hospital. And it only cost him 10 sec when should’ve been undoubtedly a disqualification. Yet another soft treatment of LH by FIA.

    • shroppyfly

      most teams have been caught cheating to some degree at some stage, renault.mclaren/ferrari probably more cant seem to think of Honda being caught though, maybe im wrong, best check you tube lol

  2. John Mitchell

    Michael M, Suggest you review Max V's driving over his career. He has always barged across trying to block anyone causing a lot of damage over the years. It was originally let go as he was young to give him a chance. Trouble is that he continues barging across. OK, some would say this is racing, most would not.Eventually drivers get fed up with MV thinking he always has right of way. Lewis H has often backed off rather than it getting ugly. That time of MV thinking he owns the track is over. I hope any driver will not put up with his BS any longer. We all hope that nothing deadly happens to any driver but driving like a big bully does not promote safe racing. The Red Bull attitude comes from the top by making pathetic comments and being forced into sacking a staff member for racial comments (I doubt the decision was voluntarily made). Begin to wonder how many Lewis H haters have the same racial problem?
    I am completely happy with the FIA view of Red Bulls pathetic plea to alter decision. I think the majority of drivers and F1 fans considered it a Racing Incident.


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