Oct.20 - Three wins out of the remaining six should be enough for Max Verstappen to battle on for the 2021 title, according to Honda's F1 boss Masashi Yamamoto.

Although the Red Bull driver is 6 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton amid their intense championship duel, it is Mercedes who now appear to have the faster car.

Yamamoto, however, is confident Verstappen still has a chance.

"The plan is to defend the championship lead in Texas," the Japanese told as-web.jp ahead of the US GP this weekend.

"After Mexico and Brazil, the remaining three races will be in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. By the time we reach Abu Dhabi, we want to have developed the car in such a way that we are the strongest team again."

Austin is being billed as a Mercedes stronghold, but Yamamoto has high hopes for the races following that.

"We were fast in Mexico and Brazil in 2019, and in 2020 we won in Abu Dhabi," he said. "Qatar and Saudi Arabia are a question mark, but if we have speed in Mexico City, Interlagos and in Abu Dhabi like in 2019 and 2020, that should lead to a good final result.

"I think we get can three more victories from the remaining six races," the Honda chief concluded.

One new weapon in Red Bull's arsenal is the return of legendary technical chief Adrian Newey, who has been absent recently due to surgeries relating to a cycling crash.

"Adrian is our figurehead and we missed him everywhere he was absent," Dr Helmut Marko is quoted by Osterreich.

"In the simulator, the wind tunnel, on site for the car setup, he simply cannot be replaced."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Honda eyes three more wins and F1 title for Verstappen

  1. bebe isaya

    Great catch. I'd say the guy who dictates the design of the car is more than a figurehead. Without Newey RB would be confined to sponsoring X-sports on tv.

    Speaking of tv, anyone notice that in the US ESPN has scheduled FP3, quali and the race on ESPN3, couldn't even make the deuce. Nice call in your home market, idiots.

  2. Jax

    Adrian Newey's claim to fame was the blown diffuser that gave Vettel his 4 titles. The minute that advantage was outlawed what happened? As for Vettel, what happened when he went to Ferrari again?
    Notice a pattern? As in neither Newey nor Vettel were overly special. Much ado!
    But every year "since Lewis has been with Merc" they rise to the challenge and excel above the rest despite F1 trying to slow them down. Oh what fun. Lol

  3. shroppyfly

    Oh i do enjoy ignorance , and there's me thinking Newey was winning world titles with Williams and Mclaren in f1 alone not to mention cart titles, goes to show , one idiot born every minute, Taxi for Jax please

    The only pattern is Jaxes ignorance here

    • Jax

      Easy there Fly guy. Did I touch a nerve? Lol. I never said he wasn't good. I said he's not "overly" special. As opposed to aaa....Ross Brawn! Just like Alonso is good, but Lewis is superior. So nothing extraordianary about Alonso. Newey never had so many back to back titles under his belt before the blown diffuser, and hence, more hype than ever before or since in his career. Merc chose Brawn over him. And even tho Brawn is no longer at Merc, Newey still struggles to beat them consistently. His Cart titles not relevant here by the way. You get it now sonny Fly?!

      I threw my stone in the hog pen and the struck hog squealed.😄


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