Nov.14 - As Formula 1 prepares to return to the scene of the ultra-intense 2021 championship finale, Lewis Hamilton has ripped the bandaid off the wound.

The seven time world champion sat down in Brazil for an interview with Sky Deutschland conducted by former F1 driver Timo Glock.

Today, Glock is perhaps best remembered for the wrong reasons - his struggle down the order in the closing moments of the similarly-intense 2008 title battle that figuratively took the title crown out of Felipe Massa's hands into Hamilton's.

Verstappen urges Hamilton against early retirement

Lewis Hamilton congratulates Max Verstappen after losing the 2021 F1 World Drivers Championship

Many people cried foul and Glock was even subject to death threats.

"I didn't understand what was going on for you in your world," Hamilton told the German. "I was very young, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to support you in that time."

However, he insisted that Glock had played no role in any kind of rigged championship outcome - as has been a conspiracy theory for the past 14 years.

"2008 was not manipulated. This was different," Hamilton said, referring to his highly controversial title loss to Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi last year.

"It wasn't the case in the last race of last season. Someone made a decision that the result should be the way it was."

When asked about Hamilton's comments, Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko shook his head.

"I can't understand this at all," said the 79-year-old. "We cannot keep letting this issue come up again and again. It's over."

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15 F1 Fan comments on “Hamilton says 2008 F1 title was not manipulated but 2021 was 'different'

    • CanadianEh

      Yep, that's for sure.

      Turning in on Max at Turn 2 is another iota of 'pay-back' for his festering resentment over losing the WDC last year.

    • Donalf

      It's the sneaky way way he does itthough shropp as he knows hell get away with it, 5 second penalty for max, as if that's not enough 2 penalty points awarded after "I assume" a phone call from toto & Sir Lulu.. Why the time delay between penalties I can see why MV gets uptight, in fact even Martin brundle stuck up for MV & said it was Lws fault,, well done M. Brundle you deserve a pay rise.

  1. Susan

    How long do we have to endure that race at Abu Dhabi 2021? Hamilton is turning into a professional victim and it isn’t becoming for a 37 year old man(? ) to keep talking and talking and talking about how he lost.Not healthy, not to mention, boring and tedious. Btw, he lost this year too!

    • shroppyfly

      So shes an Ex world champion, nice ring to it that..!!, still if she gets bored with F1 , she can always do the carnival in Rio, with her dress sense shell fit right in, there's a spare entry ticket for the Queens of carnival 23, sent courier from Rb headquarters

  2. Donalf

    Sir Lulu is saying that 2021 is different, then why doesn't he open up and say why it was "different" instead of waiting for everyone else to say what he is thinking man up man & say what you're thinking.

  3. F1-Swede

    Hamilton is absolutely correct. 2021 WAS decided by Masi clearly breaking the rules he was employed to uphold. Verstappen is a worthy winner just as Hamilton would have been - who we root for is irrelevant, protocol WAS broken and that DID decide the outcome.


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