Sep.25 - Lewis Hamilton expects Formula 1 to try to stop him from repeating the kind of activism that he took onto the podium and official FIA press conference last time out at Mugello.

"I did something that has never really happened in F1 and obviously they will stop it moving forwards," said the six-time world champion at Sochi.

Hamilton wore a t-shirt that called on police involved in a fatal US shooting to be arrested. This week, that case involving Breonna Taylor has triggered riots in Louisville, Kentucky.

"I don't regret a single moment of it," Hamilton insisted.

"People talk about sport not being a place for politics. Ultimately, it's a human rights issue and in my opinion that is something we should be pushing towards.

"I don't know what they are going to do this weekend, but lots of rules have been written for me over the years and that hasn't stopped me. What I will do is continue to work with F1 and the FIA to make sure the messaging is right."

Hamilton said he is expecting guidelines about political messaging to be announced by the FIA on Friday.

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Hamilton: F1 to 'stop' political activism

  1. Sarah

    If Hamilton want's to become some kind of spokes man for blm, then I say the is NO room in f1 for him. join the polotitians are just shut up. you've had more than your share of the lime light. enough said.

    • A. Smith

      I agree- Lewis should keep his personal views - just that personal, and not leverage his world spot light to advance his own person views.
      PS - Lewis, the COVID Mask you have been wearing for 4 months is dangerous- and someone should have told you. It has an exhaust value that releases unfiltered air, and provides the people around you ZERO protection. Mask must be 2 way- and protect everyone. The US has oulawed though masks 4 months ago.

  2. Tim

    Hey Lewis, I don't ask my politicians how to drive a car, and I never asked you about your political leanings. I want to watch F1 to get away from the world, not to be pulled back into it. Like I told my son when when teaching him to drive, stay in your lane!

  3. Mark Harris

    Lewis should stay out of the business of judgement. Perhaps he should face split second life or death situations on a daily basis. Where is the shirt remembering the police killed in cold blood defending citizens. F1 is no place for politics. It inherently has enough of it's own. Wonder what Marxist BLM would do about Lewis' millions as they strive to abolish capitalism? I don't see that working out well for him. Shut up and drive Lewis. Leave politics to the politicians. Leave policing to the police.

  4. Don Hirn

    I love Lewis but don't want to hear his politics, especially when he backs a racist anarchist group like BLM with a hidden agenda. If they are serious about helping black people and children they would be working in Chicago to register voters and using their massive money to help Black Families displaced by the riots and looting, and help the over 3,041 people shot this year in Chicago.... not shot by police. F1 Rocks, and Lewis Rocks, but he needs to do better research before he dilutes his voice.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Don, amidst the avalanche of HAM criticism that is irrational and, n some cases,outright racist yours actually makes some sense. Re BLM, I am not sure that even they know what is their agenda. It seems to change on a daily basis.

  5. Richard

    The FIA & F1 should stop hamilton form making racist political statements at races & if they do & he doesn't abide by that ruling he should be banned from the sport. F1 doesn't need it, & we are all sick & tired of his agenda & selfish nonsense

  6. Marco

    I always accepted the idea that everyone is entitled to their own opinons, but I have not seen so many nosence opinions as I read here on a long time, even from politicians, and they do it a lot.

  7. Dirk Dainty

    I am actually sick of this political crap now when I turn on to watch my F1 racing. F1 racing for me is an escape from the daily realities we all find ourselves bombarded by. Its my entertainment. I do not do pubs or go out anywhere so look forward to my F1 treat on weekends. Now even that has been destroyed by all this political nonsense. Lewis, take a few of your millions and start your own campaign and invite people to join. Please leave my beloved F1 alone. Maybe if you and your team had their eye on the ball, you would not be making stupid mistakes costing you wins? Oh, and ditch that mask of yours with the valve on. How can you be so selfish towards others by exhausting your air all over them unfiltered.


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