Oct.22 - Formula1.com and French media are confirming reports that Romain Grosjean will leave Haas at the end of the 2020 season.

Later today Kevin Magnussen confirmed the news on social media that 2020 will be his last season with the Haas F1 Team. The Dane also said he is still working on his plans for the future.

Citing 'a number of sources', the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet this week claimed that the country's Kevin Magnussen, and his French teammate Grosjean, have been told that their small American employer will be replacing them for 2021.

"The end of Romain Grosjean's collaboration with the American team was announced by Auto Hebdo and confirmed by RMC Sport," the latter French media source reported late on Wednesday.

Correspondent Lucas Vinois said Grosjean, 34, is linked with a move for 2021 to the all-electric series Formula E or the World Endurance Championship.

"He recently indicated that he is very interested in the Peugeot Hypercar project," he explained. "The (Peugeot) lion will be back in WEC from 2022."

Also set to lose his Formula 1 race seat for 2021 is the Mercedes-backed George Russell, who appears to have been priced out of the running at Williams.

Jean-Michel Desnoues, editor of France's Auto Hebdo, said of Williams' new owner: "Dorilton Capital probably doesn't want to embark on the Formula 1 adventure without the help of Michael Latifi, who is also the father of Nicholas Latifi."

Russell's seat looks set to be filled for 2021 by the strongly Mexican-backed Sergio Perez.

Desnoues continued: "It seems almost impossible that a boy (Russell) with so much potential in the sport will have to leave, but didn't we say the same about Esteban Ocon?"

Yet another potential 2021 refugee is Alex Albon, with Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko saying the British-born Thai driver's seat is only secure for the rest of 2020.

"Thanks to Max and the fact that Renault, McLaren and Racing Point are all taking points from one another, our second place in the championship is not in danger," he said.

"So we don't necessarily have to take action this year," Marko added.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Magnussen & Grosjean exit at Haas confirmed

  1. Coach

    " of course we will talk to these two we would be crazy not to said a delighted Guenther Steiner it is not everyday that 2 drivers like Grosjean and Magnussen become available " And yes I think they could help our team"

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    None of the three are a huge loss on the grid, but the Mazepin move is a disaster. Is the future of F1 rich fathers buying teams for their voyeuristic pleasure through their mostly average sons?

  3. F1 fan_since birth

    So they actually went through with it - letting MAG go I mean.
    Stupid decision in my opinion, but Mazepins father have committed $40.000.000 annually to buy the seat! So sad you can buy your way in F1 with a mediocre talent, specially considering there is just 20 seats available :-(
    I hope Haas have marked a min. of half the money to spare parts, because mark my words - that kid is gonna break a lot of carbon!!! Or maybe he will just fudge up the last rounds of F2 and miss his super license? That would be just as Alonso told Palmer in ‘17 - KARMA!

  4. Websurfer

    Letting Kevin Magnussen go is wrong IMO. Replacing Kevin Magnussen with Marzepin is a real joke.. Magnussen is an experienced and a good driver. Haas having two rookies does indeed expose the financial problems in the Haas F1 team. Sad to see Kevin Magnussen possibly leaving F1 cos we never got to see his true potential. Kevin in a better car would be great. Kevin has the latest seasons been driving a very poor Haas racer, so it's very difficult to shine here. Kevin Magnjussen has however shown what a fantastic starter he is. Fighting to get the best out of the car. Normally Kevin is a winner, a true racer. Perhaps it's good to see Kevin win races again cos F1 has gradually progresssed in a dull direction. Its boring to see Mercedes win every race with more labs ahead. Unfortuntely in F1 money talks. Too many pay drivers IMO.


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