Dec.20 - German racing legend Walter Rohrl has slammed Formula 1, the FIA, new world champion Max Verstappen and even Nicholas Latifi in the wake of the controversial 2021 title finale.

The two-time world rally champion, 74, joins those who are highly critical of the way Michael Masi and the stewards handled the incredible drama and aftermath of the final laps of the season in Abu Dhabi.

"Now I know that in future I don't have to waste a minute watching a Formula 1 race on television. I can save time and fool myself," Rohrl told Straubinger Tagblatt newspaper.

Although an FIA hall of fame member, the German insists that races should be decided on the track or in a fair, clear process "that is not influenced by any opaque external decisions".

But Rohrl even criticised "amateur driver" Nicholas Latifi for the crash that triggered the contentious safety car period and "decided the world championship".

"It leaves such a bad aftertaste," he said.

As for new world champion Verstappen, Rohrl described the Dutchman as an "ice-cold, characterless driver with disregard" for his rivals.

"But that's exactly how you have to be in order to win," he acknowledged.

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14 F1 Fan comments on “German rally legend slams FIA, Latifi & Verstappen

  1. Matthew Yacoub

    Critsize Masi the amount you want but how disrespectful to have a go at Verstappen and poor Latifi Verstappen does drive the limit and sometimes over but he deserved champion and feel for Latifi any race other it's normal crash no driver deserves the abuse he's received

  2. shroppyfly

    I know what your saying but

    1 if he didn't think he was upto the job why did he take it?

    2 The fia were in a mess with CW dying so suddenly they needed a race director and MM was at that point his deputy, as CW was so respected he must have had no concerns that masi was not upto the job .

    Ill be honest i've slated masi quite as few times thru last season, but at the last race he did his best and his bosses supported him

  3. Donalf

    Sorry to jump in on your post but f1 fansite is so good to let you vent your feelings. Lewis Hamilton, I've never been a fan of his and I really haven't followed f1 that long Michael Schumacher verses damon Hill era, jenson button was my favourite, I remember when shui brake tested him on a warm up lap and I was devastated when he went off track. Lewis Hamilton is a showman "good driver" but a showman every one must love Lewis well I don't simply because he is a seven times world champion and he plays the publicity game, why is he keeping his fans waiting as to weather he's going to race or not in 2022 he's like a big spoilt kid.


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