Jul.17 - A furious Nyck de Vries has reportedly broken his silence after being dumped by AlphaTauri team owner Red Bull.

The energy drink company's former multiple champion Sebastian Vettel at the weekend admitted ousting the rookie Dutchman after just ten races was "brutal".

And de Vries, a former Formula E and Formula 2 champion, is apparently angry about the decision, telling Italian media he was "completely caught off guard" by Dr Helmut Marko's call.

Rumours of de Vries' likely mid-season demise, however, have been circulating for weeks - but he has been saying at grands prix that he deliberately tuned out the media reports.

That's because, according the 28-year-old, he actually signed a multi-year contract "and was promised the second Red Bull seat in 2025".

But while "caught off guard" by last week's news, de Vries admits at the same time that it's "not surprising" after Red Bull "stole the eighth title from Lewis Hamilton".

Whilst not directly attributed to a specific Italian media source, de Vries' supposed comments were published by the Austrian newspaper Kurier.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Furious de Vries 'caught off guard' by brutal F1 axe

  1. smokey

    De Vries' poor performance has not helped his F1 career. He seems to always finish out of the points and often finished last!
    IMO his crash into Magnussen in Canada determined his fate.

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    Claiming stuff like 'being promised about a drive' & taking a direct dig at Red Bull, referencing the infamous 2021 championship robbery by Masi, show that he's clearly bitter about losing his drive.
    However, he should've been more prepared for that.

  3. Les

    If that last comment is correct, De Vries is very short sighted. Teams don't like drivers who make snarky remarks.
    He would have to be pretty dumb to not realise his results put him on shaky ground. It is a results based industry,
    unless people love a drivers personality and don't judge him objectiveley on his driving - ie RIC

    • shroppyfly

      Maybe it was his ego that brought him down, but the last line is the key , basically someone said , he said it , but we dont know who or wont say who, or they just made it up being "The Press" bUT without any news on the two hottest stories, I.E. Mrs Hamilton's future or Team Burger King F1 entry they have to fill the papers with something.

      Well people do love a personality, in his latter years Kimi was not a force to be reckoned with, with just flashes of Old Kimi but His personality always made him popular


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