Dec.15 - Pietro Fittipaldi wants to race in 2021 but "keep one foot in Formula 1" at the same time.

The grandson of F1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi contested the last two grands prix of 2020 for Haas, after Romain Grosjean's fiery crash.

"I'm happy with my performance in relation to Kevin (Magnussen)," he said after Abu Dhabi.

As for 2021, Fittipaldi did not race elsewhere full-time this year and he said he is keen to remain Haas' reserve driver.

"Let's see for the future - nothing is decided yet," he told Globo.

"I would like to continue in Formula 1. My goal would be to continue as a race driver, but for next year it doesn't work.

"So having a foot in Formula 1 would be very important, but I also want to race. The ideal would be to race in Indy and keep one foot in Formula 1. That would be the ideal scenario," Fittipaldi said.

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