Charles Leclerc "deserves" to be a world champion, according to FIA president Jean Todt.

22-year-old Leclerc, who is managed by Todt's son Nicolas, recently signed a new deal with Ferrari through 2024.

"Charles has to make sure he has a car and a team that allows him to win races," Todt is quoted by La Gazette de Monaco.

"I wish for him to become world champion as he deserves it. But everything will depend on the car.

"I believe that winning the world championship is 80 percent dependent on the car and 20 percent dependent on the talent of the driver. Charles already has the 20 percent," the FIA president added.

On other matters, Todt said he is determined to reduce F1's "carbon footprint", as well as to push the teams to develop the technology of tomorrow.

"Motor racing is a show and a laboratory," said the former Ferrari team boss.

"We are developing new technologies and new fuels more quickly. Formula 1 has made a commitment to move towards carbon neutrality in 2030, but I hope we will be more ambitious.

"Having neutral fuel from 2023-2024 would be an evolution," Todt added.

Finally, he said F1's move to introduce hybrid engines in 2014, which remains controversial to this day, has been shown to be the right decision.

"If this decision had not been taken a decade ago, the category would now be highly criticised today, and I do not exclude that it would even be in a dangerous situation," he said.

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One F1 fan comment on “FIA president says Leclerc 'deserves' title

  1. Alexander Key

    Whomever gets the most points DESERVES the title. He didn't do that, despite being in one of the best cars in F1 history.

    Lewis is the Master, everyone else is playing for 2nd place, deal with it.


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