Apr.14 - David Coulthard has compared Charles Leclerc's stellar start to the 2022 season with his own Michael Schumacher-dominated era.

"I had a little bit of a shiver actually, a flashback," the Scot laughed after Melbourne, where the top Ferrari driver opened up his early championship lead to 34 points over George Russell.

Fellow former F1 driver Marc Surer also sees the hand of great Ferrari designer Rory Byrne, whose consultancy contract has just been extended.

"The extension of the contract sounds like a huge thank you," Surer told Auto Bild.

"Byrne seems to have done a super job in his role. The Ferrari this year has similar characteristics to the Schumacher Ferraris - fast everywhere and in all conditions, great traction and always getting the best from the tyres.

"That is clearly Byrne's signature," he added.

F1 legend Gerhard Berger thinks Byrne's influence may have helped Ferrari to minimise the downsides of the ground effect 'porpoising' that has caught out many other teams.

"In his own way, Byrne is just as much a genius as Newey," he said.

"Even in the 80s we had big problems with the so-called bouncing, the extreme hopping of the cars on the straight.

"Byrne is a guarantee that Ferrari will remain at the top level throughout the season," concluded Berger.

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32 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari team extends Rory Byrne's F1 deal

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    I'd forgotten that the red team snagged Byrne. Now their speed makes sense. Flesh out the history if your interested, but the guy has great cred's.

  2. Donalf

    Sir Lulu's sulking again, not happy with merc as its not a magical piece of machinery anymore and is looking for a new team, maybe jump to ferrari.

          • Donalf

            I'm so sorry if it gets boring, it's just that he keeps putting himself forward in the news papers & on my phone every morning never a day goes by without him having a moan so yes I have a little go at him as he seems to be attention seeking, must keep him happy, sir Lulu, if he can stay out of the news for 1 week I promise not to mention him again.

    • Blowfly

      Can’t stand the express endless misleading headlines just to sell advertising and endless made up stories.Gutter press not for me as you ‘ve probably noticed I can make up my own rubbish!

      • Donalf

        Oh I don't know not all rubbish, like all of us you get it right sometimes and sometimes you get it wrong it's what makes the world go round. No sir Lulu headlines today now that's a good start happy Easter to all.

          • Le Blofly

            Thanks for sticking up for me ROR.
            Incidentally all the recent whining reports emanate from a shit stirring Mika H who didn’t say he did only that he thought he might have done.
            I know it’s hard to believe but I suspect most reports of what Sir Louis is supposed to have said or done are made up. You Louis fanatics who hang on his every word must try to recognise fact from fiction and admit you love him really.

  3. shroppyfly

    As we all rely on media for f1 reports,so Ill say it like this if its easier , what he reportedly said , is completely different to your version of events.

    I have no time for fools

  4. Donalf

    "I have no time for fools" now where have I heard that before, Ah yes that was the A. team on telly. Difficult to know what's true and what's false in f1 these days but I don't think it's anything new its called "BLUFF" you believe wha t you want to believe if it makes you feel good, not so good though if it's your team or driver thats being slagged off then it's not so good.

  5. Blofly

    Planet F1 quoting MH

    “I wonder how Lewis behaves in the team meetings – I bet he’s sulking. I can imagine the sulking. There’s lots of complaining and whining.”

    Pure speculative crap!

    • Donalf

      Blofly. Having read your last post in reference to sir Lulu, I can't quite work out if your a Hammy fan or not or were you just having a go when you posted" pure speculative crap!"

  6. Blofly

    I find it a bit pathetic when even double world champions have to make up trivial speculation about anybody, but I suppose it’s the times we live in. Eventually it becomes more important than the main event
    I said pure speculative crap because there is no more fact than in my own rambling predictions. Your post sums it up perfectly, you believe what you want to believe.
    Fan, no but I admire his achievements on the track and his determination to be different off the track.
    Fan of Shelby Cobras definatly.


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