Jun.21 - Ferrari needs to "quickly" get to the bottom of its French GP struggle in order to be competitive in 2022.

That is the admission of the Maranello team's drivers and also team boss Mattia Binotto, after none of the six Ferrari-powered cars scored even a single point at Paul Ricard.

"Something went wrong," Binotto told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

According to the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti, Sunday's result was a disaster for the fabled Italian marque.

"With zero points, the budding spark of hope of the past races went out," the post-race report read.

"Enzo Ferrari, who died 33 years ago, would turn in his grave if someone told him a Williams and AlphaTauri would finish ahead of his car."

While Ferrari-powered Alfa Romeo and Haas also struggled, Binotto thinks the problem could be more tyre-related rather than simply the engine.

"We had graining so we have to understand if it's about overheating the tyres," he said.

When asked if Pirelli's decision to increase tyre pressures this weekend could be the culprit, the Italian answered: "It could be the cause, but we'll have to analyse it."

Carlos Sainz told reporters immediately after the race: "Honestly, we've been suffering with race pace since Bahrain. We need to quickly understand the cause."

Indeed, although Ferrari is now mainly focused on designing an all-new car for 2022, Charles Leclerc - sixteenth at the finish - said understanding the current problems is also important for next year.

"I tried everything but we consumed the tyres too quickly," he said.

"We won't be able to solve the problem in a short time, but we do need to improve this year in order to understand why and be competitive next year."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari team boss puzzled by their bad performance in last race

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Well, letting Mr. Goodhair and Curly run the show isn't working. Maybe now that Mr. Todt is winding down at FIA he could come back and wind up the red cars. Great young drivers, lousy car.

    • shroppyfly

      Obviously got a bit carried away with there recent poles and got the red wine out to soon , half the mechanics were drunk as a lord, not i say lord and not Sir as Lucy and Torger would never slip up like that.
      I do feel all the new names weve given people will make things even more complicated for people like Jax and f1 to follow, i mean they struggle at the best of times .

        • shroppyfly

          Sorry but to quote Pete bonnington from yesterday “Not sure what happened there,” i seem to have mentioned the unmentionable,
          Beer with Jax yes but hed have to get the 1st round in , otherwise he might change his story AGAIN, smh smh and one more smh for good measure

          • f1award

            It's Wolff or can't you operate the caps lock button. More to the point Toto Wolff to you, thought you might know the basics about F1 seeing as you're such a F1-fansite keyboard warrior. With your last post can you explain why you have to have a pop at LH regards of the article?

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