Sep.30 - Ferrari is helping Mick Schumacher to speed up in Formula 1.

That is the word of Piero Ferrari, the only living son of the great Maranello marque's iconic founder Enzo.

Ferrari, 76, is Ferrari's vice chairman, and he admitted that the Italian team is helping to give Schumacher - the son of great Ferrari driver Michael - a more competitive car in F1.

22-year-old Schumacher currently drives for Haas, whose 2022 car is being designed in a separate building on-site at Maranello.

"He is making his way in a team that we support," Ferrari told Italian media, referring to Ferrari academy member and Haas driver Schumacher.

"His team (Haas) has made the choice not to spend in 2021 so they are using a car that was already not good in 2020," he added.

"But they are spending for 2022 and we at Ferrari are also helping Haas. For his second year, we hope to give Schumacher a car with which he can demonstrate his qualities."

Piero Ferrari admits he misses Mick's father, the legendary seven time world champion Michael Schumacher.

"I had the pleasure of having Schumacher as a guest in my home, drinking a bottle of red win together. He really enjoyed these moments of intimacy and tranquillity.

"He was a simple person - clear, precise, a very linear personality," Ferrari said.

"I'm sorry that we talk about him today as if he is dead, because he is not. Michael is there but he cannot communicate."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari says to help Haas to speed up Schumacher

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    If you follow young SCH's career he is doing in F1 exactly what he did in the minor series, learn and improve at a methodical pace. Niki Lauda comes to mind.

    • rob

      That's a really interesting comparison, I always thought Lauda was very pragmatic down to earth but also very fast, given what he did he had balls of steel. I think Mick is also like this. I was never a Schumi fan but Mick seems rounded, I find myself hoping he shocks some people and gets a point this year


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