Ferrari has offered Sebastian Vettel a new one-year contract for 2021 - if he accepts a pay-cut.

That is the claim of the Italian broadcaster Sky, reporting that the financial offer made by the Maranello team to the quadruple world champion is "a much lower figure".

The 32-year-old German driver's friend Bernie Ecclestone thinks it is possible Vettel won't want to stay.

"I think Sebastian's performance suffered from the new situation with Charles Leclerc, who is managed by the son of the FIA president," he told f1-insider.

"I suspect he doesn't see Binotto as the supporter he needs in his situation. Sebastian should therefore stop or look for an alternative. McLaren, with Mercedes engines again, could be one," Ecclestone, 89, added.

Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa says the Maranello team should keep Vettel.

"If I were in Mattia's place I would not change," he said. "There is a great balance in the current pairing between the talent of Leclerc and the four titles won by Vettel."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari offers Vettel one-year deal with pay cut

  1. Matthew

    People have a short memory Seb has one poor season and people forget 2015 only driver to win a race other then Mercedes and people criticize that he didn't win the title in 2017 and 18 but was the only driver to challenge Hamilton both years don't get me wrong leclerc had a great season but people shouldn't judge seb on one poor season so Ferrari should absolutely keep Seb

  2. Pedro z

    Vettel el piloto con más talento de la f1 , necesita un equipo que le apoye realmente y que adapte el coche a su tipo de pilotaje, se merece fichar por mercedes, escudería alemana le falta un piloto campeón alemán

  3. John Burgess

    I think Vettel should except the offer of 1 year contract I don't think money is the question here
    Vettle is world class driver he has been one the drivers that pure excitement when racing
    Especially when completing against lewis Hamilton ,if Vettles car is on top form so is he.
    If he has a great season then he will in position to tell Ferrari what he wants ,boot on other foot

  4. Emerson Matthews

    I think Seb should stay with Ferrari. I don't think he would willingly take a seat lower down the grid and if Seb and Charles work together, there's no reason why Ferrari can't become the team they were 20 years ago


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