Aug.27 - Ferrari is expected to follow Renault's lead in withdrawing its appeal over the 'pink Mercedes' affair.

Although it had prompted the saga by protesting the legality of Racing Point's Mercedes-like brake ducts, Renault announced that it ultimately decided to drop the appeal.

"Intensive and constructive work between the FIA, Renault and all Formula 1 stakeholders has led to concrete progress in safeguarding the originality in the sport by way of amendments to the sporting and technical regulations planned for the 2021 racing season, confirming the requirements to quality as a constructor," Renault said.

"The controversy of the start of this season should be put behind us", the Enstone based team added.

Apart from Racing Point who are challenging the FIA's finding of wrongdoing, Ferrari had backed Renault in vowing to appeal.

Widespread F1 media sources are now expecting the Maranello team to drop the action.

Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Tobias Gruner said: "Ferrari did not seem willing to let the matter rest, but it is still unclear if they want to go it alone.

"It cannot be ruled out that the matter will be brought to an end in the interests of the sport."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari expected to drop 'pink Mercedes' appeal

  1. Ian T. Gilson

    Why did no team object when Ferrari got a verbal chastisement when they were caught with supposedly illegal engine mods? And the pink Mercedes was LEGAL at the time the ducts were copied. Politics again!


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