Oct.14 - Max Verstappen's father thinks the Red Bull driver could dominate Formula 1 for several years - and then retire.

After an early show of form from Ferrari, 25-year-old Dutchman Verstappen ended up totally dominating the 2022 season to wrap up his second consecutive drivers' title with four races still to run.

"I think Max is not only incredibly good, but he also knows what he's doing," Jos Verstappen, a former F1 driver, told the Dutch magazine Formule 1.

Father warns Verstappen could quit after 2028 F1 season

Jos Verstappen

He agrees that Max might now be set for a Schumacher, Vettel or Hamilton-like streak of dominance and multiple titles.

"It depends on how good the car is," Jos, his father, explains. "If Max has a competitive car, he will compete for the world title every time. Because the strength of the driver will then be decisive. Then we are set."

As for what happens after 2028, when Verstappen's long and lucrative current Red Bull contract ends, Jos says that is unclear.

"We will take stock again in 2028," he said. "It's not like he's chasing records."

Verstappen senior warns that he has witnessed first-hand how his son is fully able to enjoy life away from Formula 1.

"Every now and then you really need that rest," said Jos.

"Max can be completely 'off'. After the season or during the summer break, he doesn't even want to talk about Formula 1 anymore.

"In my time we had a maximum of 18 races. Now there are 22 and next year there are 24. You can also have too much."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Father warns Verstappen could quit after 2028 F1 season

    • Donalf

      Yeah but that's 5 & a bit years away, hell,, I probably won't be here then how will know what's going on in heaven or hell who's going to let me know the outcome if I'm not here. 🤔, nah too far ahead for me and there's a lot going on at the moment to keep me going,,,. I like the latest bit of news saying that sir Lulus shunt with MV at Silverstone cost RB £1.6 million for a new car to race at the next meet,, Oh and I almost forgot the clash with Bottas taking out SP & MV at the same time,, but nothing said about the cost of that one,,,,. Mmmmm I wonder if it would be easier to win a WDC by taking your apponants cars out, "you know" by sticking the wheel in causing X amount of damage so that they crash through the cost cap and getting them fined or disqualified so that i could win with out actually winning.,,,,. Sorry just posting about a dream I had. 😜

  1. Jenson's button

    Could Jos not come up with a threat that we might care about? I don't care if Max wins or loses. I don't gain anything from it, not even excitement. I want Kimi and Vettel back.

        • Leopold Post author

          JB, your comments always end up in our pending comments section. It's the section we have to approve by hand. I don't know why that happens. But it therefor sometimes takes longer before they appear.

          • Jenson's button

            Who knows, but I've scheduled on a new chassis shakedown Thursday at Barcelona, before handing off to Alex Albon in a week's time. Cant speak to details of who's signed on in the second chassis as yet, but it'll be known soon. 😎

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