Sep.7 - Teams are testing much bigger cockpit side mirrors in order to improve the limited rearwards vision for Formula 1 drivers.

Since the Canadian GP in mid June, some teams have been testing their own bigger mirror designs in practice to collect data for the governing FIA.

Red Bull, for instance, ran a standard small mirror on the cars in practice - with the other side featuring a bigger and bulkier version for direct comparison.

F1 teams are testing out bigger mirrors on cars for FIA

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL36 head on driving with the bigger mirrors

"In the area diagonally to the rear, the view is currently severely limited," the FIA's technical boss Nikolas Tombazis told Auto Motor und Sport.

Mercedes tried a bigger mirror at Spa, with Alpine, McLaren and Haas all following suit ahead of the Dutch F1 GP with the 423 x 187mm dimension layout.

Tombazis admitted that one potential side-effect of the bulkier mirrors is that, whilst addressing the rear visibility issue, they will add another forward-facing obstacle for the drivers.

"We have to avoid the driver seeing less ahead because the mirror is in the way. There is only a small window where it fits," he said.

Indeed, Lewis Hamilton reportedly complained that the rear view didn't improve much whilst forwards visibility was further compromised.

The tests are slated to continue at forthcoming grands prix.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “F1 teams are testing out bigger mirrors on cars for FIA

  1. CanadianEh

    In new cars these days, they have warning lights built into the mirrors that flash if there is a vehicle in the blind-spot. Perhaps they could shave a little off the head-cushion to improve side-views. Oh, they could extend the barge-boards to prevent wheels from interlocking - like in rental go-karts.

    Larger mirrors, sure, whatever.

    Or maybe, just maybe, drivers could apply their well-developed situational awareness to avoid driving over one-another's wheels. I direct you to the Schumacher/Alonso duel at the Dutch race. That was sublime. Side-by-side for multiple corners, millimeter clearances, and no-one got pitched into the gravel.

    The last thing F1 needs is more Goddamned rules.


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