Nov.13 - Hybrid engines are here to stay in Formula 1, the sport has announced.

For 2014, the sport switched from loud and popular normally-aspirated engines to the current, more expensive and complex hybrid 'power unit' era which has been utterly dominated by Mercedes.

Recently, there have been rumours about the next generation of engine regulations for the post-2025 period.

"Formula 1 has long served as a platform for introducing next generation advancements in the automotive world," Formula 1 said in a statement on Thursday.

"We believe we have the opportunity to do that with a next generation engine that combines hybrid technology with sustainable fuels. Therefore a working group of F1 and FIA personnel has been set up to investigate a future engine formula powered by sustainable fuels," it added.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “F1 keeping hybrid engines for the future

  1. chris gibson

    i am against the highbred engines, with all the computer technology, its no longer about motor racing, its more about money.. The help the driver gets, being told how to go faster, by radio, makes a mockery of the pit boards. i was interested in motor racing for the skill of the driver, and the skill of the car maker. There is nothing like the roar of a normal engine, and the skill of the driver. We need motor raceing not electronic games.


      I’d like to see 3.0 liter engines and 1.5 turbocharged with V12,10,8,6 and even 4 cylinder engine formula format like in the 70’s and absolutely No hybrids! FIA and F1 say that they want to make it less expensive but insists they must be hybrids that makes them inherently expensive to build and maintain 2.5 million per power unit add another 500k for a transmission

  2. Gregory Carroll

    Hybrid engines are expensive very expensive about 2.5 million a unit and nobody but the FIA wants them! They make such a big deal about reducing costs but then insists there Hybrid powered its bullshit F1 isnt a mileage contest!

  3. william Sucher

    Seems that hybrids are way overpriced, inefficient, political, overly complex and self-serving, not at all in the best interest of Formula 1 and racing in general. They are also quite absurd.

    If any impartial race fan would actually think about it, why in the world do we need F1 cars to go faster and faster each year? Remember the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s. Slower cornering, and better racing. This is a very expensive and non-productive way to lose race fans, sponsors, and eliminate the lower budget teams, ...and also would discourage any potential future startup teams and investment minded entrepreneurs.

    Just look at what has already happened to many of our beloved race tracks and corners. Eau Rouge, 130R, Maggotts-Becketts, etc. all flat out. Gone! Poof! These turns are now just plain vanilla, boring straightaways. And some of our favorite race tracks are rapidly being eliminated due to some very expensive, but necessary, safety modifications to compensate for F1's excessive cornering speeds.

    Do we really need tire companies creating stickier and stickier tires (not at all necessary now, when a single tire company has a virtual monopoly, with no other competing companies)? Why not put actual flat bottoms on these cars to slow them down in corners, allow more overtaking, and which would actually have the benefit of faster, safer straight line speeds that some race fans would surely enjoy?

    Wake up F1 bureaucrats! Do the right thing. This is your future, ...and ours!


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