Jul.13 - Fernando Alonso says Formula 1 is still "too boring" under the all-new technical rules that debuted in 2022.

The Spaniard says he only decided to return to the sport after a sabbatical last year because of the looming ground effect rules, which debuted this season with the intention of closing up the field and improving the racing.

When asked if the rules had succeeded, 40-year-old Alonso told NOS: "So-so.

"Unfortunately, Formula 1 is still very predictable," said the Alpine driver, who insists he is yet to discuss extending his Alpine contract for 2023.

"Everything revolves around Red Bull and Ferrari," Alonso added. "Only Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez can win.

"I don't know any other sport like that."

The two-time champion admits that the races are now "more fun" than before due to the aerodynamic effect that enables more slip-streaming and easier passing.

"But it's still too boring, even if this is a feature of Formula 1," Alonso added. "There will always be teams that are faster than others."

When asked if the dominance of the top-two teams has therefore spoiled his return to the grid, he admitted: "A little.

"It's great that sometimes there is a chance to stand out, like in Canada when I started from the front row with Max. I was able to show what people no longer expect from me.

"These things give me motivation, but getting on the podium on my own power? It's hard to imagine," Alonso admitted.

"We are not fighting for victories, and I don't think the situation will improve quickly. The team is focused on the 2023 season already when the car should be better."

He also hit back at those who think drivers like Alonso, and 35-year-old quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel, are blocking the next generation of rookies from getting a chance in F1.

"I look at the situation differently," Alonso insisted. "In motorsport, only laptime matters.

"If you are slow, then you are standing in the way of rising talents and should step aside. But I think it is drivers other than me who are blocking this fresh blood."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “F1 is still 'too boring' under new rules according Alonso

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    "Everything revolves around Red Bull and Ferrari," Alonso added. "Only Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez can win.

    "I don't know any other sport like that."

    Are you kidding? I don't another major sport in the world that does NOT have rotating dynasties.

  2. CanadianEh

    Alonso is nobody's dummy. "Only lap-times matter". In other words, driver performance not driver demographic matters.

    Bloody Millennials at it again, expecting the world to get handed to them.

  3. Darrell Benner

    To make F1 more Interesting it should give Each Driver control of When to use Drag Reduction with a total Time limit.
    Oh, I forget that would be like IndyCar's push to pass system and God forbid F1 would ever use anything that IndyCar uses?

  4. Swede

    Funny that Alonso thinks its too boring, when its been the ckosest, most exciting racing in years, with more fans warching and ar races in a decade.

    Guess it is boring driving a mid-field car, while youngsters steam past him in cars from teams he has burned bridges with.

    Kimi finally quit when he started to het bored, but never whined like a little beach (you know, the B-Word).


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