Jul.17 - Formula 1 could be in for a showdown with its governing body at the end of the application process for up to two new teams as early as 2025.

Several applicants went through the FIA's tender process and it is believed two of them may now have been told by the Paris-based federation that they meet the criteria.

"It looks like Andretti and Hitech will get the seal of approval from the FIA," Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt said.

"They are both in a position to enter Formula 1 in terms of technology, personnel and finances," he added.

Andretti's Cadillac-backed bid has been the most prominent, while Formula 2 outfit Hitech is also vowing to enter the sport with backing from Kazakh billionaire Vladimir Kim.

The stumbling block, however, is not only the objection of many of the existing F1 teams - including Ferrari with its special veto power - but also Liberty Media and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Ferrari's Frederic Vasseur says he is not convinced by the argument that F1 would greatly benefit from having a full-on American team like Andretti on the grid.

"The attractiveness of F1 is much more based on the nationality of the drivers. It's nothing to do with the nationality of the team," Vasseur said.

As for Domenicali, he is believed to be at loggerheads with FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, arguing that Liberty Media must also be able to control which teams get approval to enter the sport.

"As we've always said," Domenicali said, "we need to make sure the decision is right for the company."

Earlier this year, Andretti accused F1's existing teams of being "greedy" by not wanting to open the sport up to an eleventh entrant.

"I probably shouldn't have used the word," he is quoted as telling Speed Week.

"In the end, of course, everyone thinks mainly about themselves and I probably would have done the same thing in their shoes.

"I don't blame the teams," the 60-year-old former McLaren driver added. "It's a very, very expensive sport and everyone is incredibly committed. They have to protect themselves and I understand that.

"But in the end they don't make the decision. That decision still rests with the FIA and with FOM."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Faces Showdown: New Teams Andretti and Hitech in the Spotlight

  1. smokey

    It's a long time since there were more than 20 teams competing in F1. Previously only the fastest 20 cars from qualifying were eligible to race, and the others packed up and went home. Does the additional number of teams this time mean only the 20 best qualifiers will be able to race? Or will we see a grid expansion to accommodate the extra cars for the race, as currently happens in F2 and F3.

    • Andy

      I remember when you had to be within a certain % of the winning laptime to qualify for the race. Maybe that should be brought back.

      Mind you if they brought that back then the Alpha Tauri's may struggle to keep up with the Red Bull's that are powered by the same engine!

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    "The attractiveness of F1 is much more based on the nationality of the drivers. It's nothing to do with the nationality of the team," Vasseur said.

    Right. Freddie, take away the Ferrari and Italian ID's from the Maranello team and what have you got? The last Italian F1 champ was 70 years ago.

    • shroppyfly

      Auto Motor and Sport have reported that Andretti and Hi Tech have been given the nodd, if so that's great another British team, ok financed by dodgy money but cant have everything

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Shrop', Freddie just told you the country doesn't matter. It's about the drivers nationality. You're blessed. You have Sir Lewis Lord of Bling and producer of the movie that will change F1 forever.

        • shroppyfly

          Ahhhh thats true , F1 will never be the same again after Director BlingBling has worked his new found movie expertise on Brad the Magic Dragon

          How right you are, just how imagine how bad it would be if we didnt have Lewis , Oh Lord I thank you


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