Nov.14 - Formula 1 is discussing the possibility of banning wind tunnels from 2030.

The matter was reportedly discussed in the F1 Commission meeting held on the Monday after the recent race at Portimao.

"I think everything is possible as technology gets better, so I think maybe it would be the right thing to do," said Haas boss Gunther Steiner in Istanbul.

"I think it's too early to come to a complete conclusion but if this is what we are going to do, I will support it."

Mercedes' Toto Wolff confirmed that there is "broad agreement" on the principle of a wind tunnel ban, but it still needs to be thoroughly assessed.

"We must not forget that these cars are the fastest on the planet with the most downforce and we don't want to experiment live with drivers in the car based on CFD," he said.

"But I think setting a target like banning wind tunnels in 2030 is a path that works for everybody and is going to help us make the sport more sustainable from the financial side."

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