May 8 - Formula 1 is being run in an "American style" that Bernie Ecclestone would never have dreamed of overseeing.

The buzz around this weekend's first ever race in Miami is palpable, even if there has been some criticism of the more gaudy aspects - like the fake boat harbour.

But Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: "The city is hyped - is that how you say it?

"Formula 1 is all around, the amount of guest requests we have is amazing. I think we've finally landed in North America."

McLaren's American chief executive Zak Brown added: "The demand from sponsors and fans has been off the charts, unlike anything I've seen since my time in Formula 1.

"Soon we will have Vegas as well so I really like where we are in North America as far as Formula 1's popularity goes."

Less enthusiastic is F1's former chief executive and 'supremo' Bernie Ecclestone, who was ousted shortly after Liberty Media took over some five years ago.

"They're producing Formula 1: American Style," the 91-year-old told Bloomberg.

"It may well be that it's good, because so many stupid things come out of America and everyone's happy, but it wasn't the way I ran things."

When told about Ecclestone's comments, Liberty CEO Greg Maffei indicated that there is no love lost between them.

"Bernie can mouth off all he wants," he said. "But the reality is, everybody wants in now."

Wolff hails Ecclestone's contribution to the success of modern Formula 1, but indicated that the diminutive Briton would not have been able to guide the sport in the new digital era.

"Bernie was great in his time - he invented this sport," he said. "But the technology changed."

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Ecclestone questions F1's new 'American style'

  1. Blo

    All a bit tame and crass now, not really worth watching. Too manipulated, even down to the drivers underwear. Why does everyone get so excited by manufactured drama these days?
    Sad end to F1.
    If you want real excitement,ride a horse, race a boat or car etc, don’t offer up your wallet to the media barons.

  2. F1FanFromUSA

    There's clearly some anti-American sentiments in those comments. It's arrogance, plane and simple. The racing is the same. Only the fan experience is different. Douche bag.

    • Susan

      Americans are always easy targets. We are too happy, we smile too much, too polite, spend too much money, unsophisticated rubes. These criticism have been thrown at us for 75 years or more. We’re not changing, so either live with us or not. Your choice. Was this the most exciting race, absolutely not, but neither is Monaco. Even the “great one” said that. Wait till these bigger, heavier cars hits Monaco’s streets...boring! The difference, Miami was overly glitzy and crass, Monaco is beautiful and sophisticated. Bottom line, both boring races.

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    Miami resident Juan Pablo Montoya did a stint with the SKY guys yesterday and succinctly described the US market. His view, Netflix has done a good job attracting young people to F1. Re Miami, if you tell people there is a party they show up.

    My view, once F1 is a viable attraction the circus will be on the block within 24 months and we will be rid of Liberty.

    • Susan

      That is quite possible. Costs are going through the roof for every team, in spite of caps. Nothing lasts forever, including formula one racing, no matter who’s in running the show.

  4. Susan

    I’m an American and yes, some of the Miami style GP is over the top and gaudy. Europeans have to understand, this country is made of up many countries and cultures. People want to have fun, not be subdued. By now, you all should know that. Las Vegas will be the same. What can I say? The bottom line...this gaudiness and fanfare will bring tons on money to f1 and advertising to the sport. Simple as that, not to mention more interest in the sport on a large scale. The purists can stay home or not watch. I’m sure that will happen to some degree.
    We are not a shy lot, never have been, never will be. It’s in our country’s DNA. Either accept it or don’t. Freedom for all! Sorry!

  5. Helen Larcombe

    The celebrity influx that the American grand prixs attract does nothing for the image at all - rude, arrogant people with over inflated egos, puts the true f1 fans off watching.

    • golly

      the wrestler/tennis player gave a great interview to brundle.mostly ignoring him and showing how irrelevant he is to the yanks.ha ha

    • Susan

      Sorry! Celebrities are always showing up everywhere on the circuit. Lewis for sure has an entourage of celebs. It’s not just the US. Sky loves showing them. Don’t blame us for that. And the qualifications for being a true F1 fan is…? It appears there are a few “true f1 fans” that fall into the inflated ego and arrogant category as well.


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