Dec.21 - Bernie Ecclestone does not agree with the way Lewis Hamilton handled his political activism in 2020.

The former F1 supremo has already clashed with new seven time world champion Hamilton this year over his involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement.

"There's obviously no doubt about his talent," 90-year-old Ecclestone told La Stampa newspaper. "The results he has achieved speak for themselves.

"But outside of the track, he did a number of things badly. He could have achieved a lot more behind the scenes if he had been more quiet."

In the same interview, Ecclestone courted more controversy by doubting whether Charles Leclerc will be able to lead Ferrari's F1 revival from the cockpit.

"He is doing well in the sport and he will continue to do well," he said. "But I still don't think we will see anything special from him in the future."

As for the sport more generally, Ecclestone admitted: "The Formula 1 during the Alain Prost and Niki Lauda years was more my thing.

"Back then, it was the drivers who were behind the wheel, while today everything is done from the pitwall."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Ecclestone criticises Hamilton's political activism

  1. AndrewM

    It's not often that I agree with Bernie, however, I completely agree with his comments regarding Lewis Hamilton.
    Lewis should stick to what he does best, racing cars, and leave the politics to politicians. Most of us don't agree with the way he coerces fellow drivers into kneeling before a race. It has been brought to the attention of everyone in the world, except maybe China, so it doesn't need to continue ad infinitum! All lives matter, not only black lives, colour must not be a requirement for your life to matter!

    • Malcolm Nunn

      I whole heartely agree with all that you say Andrew. Lewis is a great driver but his political activities are putting me off him. Yes all lives matter. In my opinion BLM is raciest and it offends me and the knell should be stopped at F1 races.

  2. MarkD

    So glad to hear these comments. I completely agree. Apparently, unlike some of us who saw the writing on the wall from the start, Hamilton is not in tune enough with what's going on to know that the BLM movement was built on false information and achieved only death, destruction, and division. It's an embarrassment to all the drivers to be manipulated into kneeling by Hamilton and F1.


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