Sep.23 - Stefano Domenicali looks set for a sensational return to Formula 1 - to replace F1 CEO Chase Carey.

The news was reported by multiple authoritative publications, including the major German newspaper Bild.

In mid-April, Sport Bild - another Alex Springer publication - claimed that Carey would "soon" be leaving Formula 1.

Bild correspondent Lennart Wermke now explains: "The American businessman never really warmed up with Formula 1 and now wants to go back to the USA."

Domenicali, who like FIA president Jean Todt is a former Ferrari team boss, is expected to commence his new role as head of Liberty Media's F1 operations prior to 2021.

The 55-year-old is currently Lamborghini CEO, but he also heads the FIA's single-seater commission.

Wermke said: "Domenicali has the necessary expertise, he knows the sport as a team boss and FIA official, and he also has enough commercial understanding.

"But it's hard to imagine that Mercedes, Red Bull or McLaren will accept a former Ferrari team boss as boss of Formula 1, so the coming days will be exciting."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Domenicali lined up to replace F1 boss Chase Carey?

  1. Richard

    So the only way for Ferrari to get back to winning ways after being guilty of cheating is to just get two ex Ferrari men Domenicali & Todt to run the sport. (Impartial I don't think so). What with hamiltons stupid antics This whole sport is becoming a total joke & farce LOL.


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