Sep.23 - Nyck de Vries is travelling to Singapore next week where he could reprise his stand-in role for Alex Albon at Williams.

The Dutchman, who is in the running for the vacant race seats at Williams but also Alpine and AlphaTauri for 2023, tested a year-old Alpine in Hungary this week.

He was then en route to the UK for simulator testing ahead of Singapore, but was unable to fly because British regulations no longer allow travellers to use only a European ID card.

"UK trip cancelled - going home instead," he revealed on social media.

Most insiders agree that a second consecutive outing for Williams still lies ahead for de Vries, as team regular Albon is still recovering from complications from his recent appendix surgery.

"I feel pretty good. I feel ok," Albon said late last week. "I'm starting to walk around.

"The goal is to be ready for Singapore, which is going to be tough. It's one of the toughest races that we go to, so it's not an easy one. But let's aim high."

Meanwhile, if de Vries is signed up by AlphaTauri next year, he would become Yuki Tsunoda's teammate - with the Japanese driver now confirmed for 2023.

The press release about Tsunoda's new deal made no mention of Pierre Gasly, who while already under contract for 2023 is hotly tipped to move to Alpine.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “De Vries unable to do pre-Singapore Grand Prix F1 sim testing

  1. shroppyfly

    Ok prior to Brexit EU citizens could enter the UK with just there own countries id card i believe, so living in Germany, a German has an id card , but if they wanted to travel outside of the "EU" they'd still need a Reisepass, ie a passport, and so now Britain isn't in the EU for the ignorant -Britain's still in Europe just not in the European Community , its not rocket science , hed not be allowed in just using his National ID card. Why is this even a story.......
    If he didn't have his passport ready then , its his problem

    • shroppyfly

      Im not entirely sure that's correct , as a Brit in Germany , id cards never concerned me, i travelled UK-Germany on my passport, but i thought Eu Citizens could use there id cards to enter the UK, the info on the Net/Gov uk site seems to confirm that

  2. smokey

    I find it very hard to believe he doesn't have a valid passport. As an international competitor, a valid passport is an essential part of his personal inventory. I don't believe De Vries would be that thoughtless and ill-advised. Maybe just a journo making up a story to get a by-line!


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