Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa does not think Fernando Alonso will return to Formula 1 in 2020.

Spaniard Alonso is suddenly back on the radar, as he will meet with McLaren officials at Monza to discuss the future.

But is believed those talks will be focused on McLaren's 2020 Indycar and Indy 500 projects. McLaren has already announced Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz for the F1 team next year.

"I think there are now very few options for Fernando to return to Formula 1," de la Rosa, who worked closely with Alonso at McLaren and Ferrari, told Cadena Ser.

"Saying there is no chance is not right because we don't know what Vettel or others are going to do, but the truth is that for 2020 it's very difficult," the Spaniard added. "Firstly, maybe Fernando doesn't want it. I think at least this year he wants to concentrate on Dakar. But secondly, I don't know if there will be any quality seats for him. That's the reality."

However, de la Rosa thinks more opportunities could open up for 2021.

"2021? Well, he's not going to suddenly stop being one of the best drivers in the world. Purely as an outsider, my wish is for him to return. "For me, he cannot stop without winning another world championship," de la Rosa said.

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9 F1 Fan comments on “De la Rosa: No Alonso comeback in 2020

  1. david merrington

    Alonzo he must be mad Ferrari got rid of him as he was he was rubbish same as Vettal same as lost it Ferrari told vettal to move over to let young Charles to have the lead and he won as well thank god i do hope Ferrari to win this week end as well

    • david merrington

      Ho yes look now not the car its the driver that young man only 21 Hamilton and Bottas did try to bully him 2 time he wins so far he is the the best driver he is going the best driver good Charles now Hamilton looked sick as a pig when SKY was intervening he is nothing just a big Baby

  2. david merrington

    well i hope Mc laren do get a Mercedes unit for 2020 and the young Nando will be good as Charles And Max i hope he will go to Ferrari in 2020 then Ferrari will be World class i hope this week end Charles will win in Monza Toto has told Hamilton to loose a few more pounds

  3. Vitthal

    I dont think any teams (big/small) would be interested in him because first of all he wants no.1 status and he wants a faster car. Also if things dont go his way he talk negatively against his own team in the media (GP2 engine for Honda / Faster car on my birthday at Ferrari). He dont have patience and age by his side now. Also there are young guys who are more exciting and real racers to watch out for.

    • Simon Saivil

      You are so right. Absolutely so!
      Of the older drivers Kimi is the only one who does his own thing, loves driving, and is loved, for that very reason, by many.
      Lewis has been a primadona for quite a while now and Mercedes has pulled all stops to keep it that way. With many that's becoming real old.
      Vettel has suffered through a combination of (sometimes) the car not being competitive, bad luck and personal mistakes. He's become a Formula's designated whipping boy, which is why I support him.
      Alonso is a case unto himself. Combination of an oversize ego, lack of discretion, good (but not the best) driving skills has landed him where he is. As the saying goes: time wounds every heel - and Alonso isn't getting any younger.

  4. Simon Saivil

    Argentinians have a word "la mufa" - a case of extreme bad luck. They used to use it of former President Carlos Menem. Wherever he showed up things went bad.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Alonso is starting to be viewed the same way. Much ado was made about his racing at Indy 500 this year only to fail to even qualify. Yesterday he shows up at McLaren pit and the team's race falls apart.

    In any case Alonso has stated unequivocally that he would come back only to a winning car. Since only one car can win a championship in any season, it is clear he would insist on being the number 1 driver. I doubt many teams are willing to extend him such card blanche.


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