Aug.18 - Charles Leclerc is coming under fire for completing two full laps of the Spanish GP after unbuckling his seatbelts.

When his Ferrari shut off on lap 37 in Barcelona, Leclerc undid his belts in anticipation of getting out the stricken car - only for it to re-fire.

He then drove two full laps of the circuit - often surpassing 300kph according to Germany's Bild newspaper.

"It was too late to continue because I had already undone my seatbelts," Lerclerc is quoted as saying. "That's why I had to go back to the pits."

Former driver Christian Danner criticises the 22-year-old.

"Apart from the fact that it is grossly negligent to continue driving like that, it is forbidden," he said.

"In my opinion it should be punished."

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