Oct.15 - Daimler, the dominant Mercedes team's carmaker parent, intends to slash the amount of money it spends on Formula 1.

It emerged recently that Mercedes spent a staggering $430 million to win last year's championships - with a $145 budget cap coming in for 2021.

Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius has rejected rumours that Mercedes could be pulled out of the sport.

"We have no more reason to retire from Formula 1 than Bayern Munich has to retire from football," he is quoted by TV6.

"But the financial burden in the next three years will be halved. In this regard, we set ourselves more aggressive goals for Formula 1 than for other areas of the company," Kallenius added.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Daimler to slash Mercedes' F1 budget

    • Alexander Key

      Even the Yankees, the Center of Baseball, don't win the World Series every year.

      MB has dominated and if they can make the leap to the next set of cars (2022) they will have the longest and most dominate streak in F1 history, not bad.

  1. Scott

    Why is this even news? I would hazard a guess that Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault are cutting their budgets too for next year... I'd even suggest the figure they're all slashing it to might be $145m.

  2. Edward Seaton

    Why do they bother? Who has bought a Mercedes because of their participation and dominance in F1? Personally, the way they behave has stopped me buying any more of their products.

  3. Hans Bennik

    Hamilton has NOT made Mercedes success, Mercedes has made Hamilton the Prima Donna he thinks he is. In my book Max Verstappen is actually a better driver without the mood swings of Hamilton. The nerve of Hamilton to keep forcing the other drivers to kneel before the race. Let him run his own crusade, don,t involve anyone else.


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