Apr.27 - The highly popular Dutch F1 GP has dodged another legal bullet ahead of Formula 1's second race in the modern era at the renovated Zandvoor circuit.

A court in the North Holland capital of Haarlem on Tuesday reinforced the permit granted to the race organisers, despite another environmental challenge on the grounds of excessive nitrogen emissions.

"The permit does not lead to more nitrogen deposition," the court ruled.

"The provincial executive of Noord-Holland was allowed to grant the permit to the circuit in Zandvoort."

When asked if the latest ruling is a relief to the organisers, Dutch F1 GP boss and former F1 driver Jan Lammers said: "I don't say relieved, because in a democracy, justice must take its course.

"But we are happy about it because now we can focus on the event again," he told De Limburger newspaper.

Lammers admitted he was relieved that, in its ruling, the court said explicitly that the Formula 1 race does not significantly add to nitrogen levels.

"It makes everything a lot easier for us again, although we are not indifferent to the matter," he said.

"The environmental organisations have every right to challenge the permit. If we had been proven wrong, we would have had to accept that."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Court says this year's Dutch F1 GP can go ahead

  1. Broken System

    When everything needs to be adjudicated by the courts, you know that government needs to be reigned in, if not cut off at the knees. It's time for humanity to reset its relationship with government.

    • shroppyfly

      Oh BS, think yourself lucky you don't live in Germany, its illegal there to wash your car on Sunday, but your right of course these silly environmentalists checking the air quality and pollution whatever next.

      Can I call you BS from now on , it just somehow seems more appropriate

      More BS..please BS

    • shroppyfly

      Either its an old story , or they need a permit everytime they do f1 there, it was the same thing last yr, those crazy doped up Dutch fans lol


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