Sep.21 - Former F1 driver David Coulthard has issued a scathing prediction about the future of Japanese rookie Yuki Tsunoda.

Backed by Honda and lauded by Red Bull as he entered Formula 1 with AlphaTauri this year, the diminutive 21-year-old has often been erratic on track.

Recently, he admitted he was "surprised" to have been retained by the junior Red Bull team for 2022, because "I kept crashing and cost the team a lot of money".

To Coulthard, a highly experienced grand prix winner who is now a respected broadcaster, Tsunoda's comments are a clear red flag.

"What planet is he from?" the Scot is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"I think he should pack his bags and go home, because those are not the words of a racer.

"If I was him, I would book a plane ticket now and get it fairly cheap, because he won't be in Formula 1 at the end of 2022," Coulthard, 50, added.

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Coulthard thinks Tsunoda's F1 career will end next season

    • Jono

      Thats coming from a guy who drove the fastest cars at that time and failed to secure a world title, Dave Yuki is japanese and honest not british or european dont be so xenophobic

        • ReallyOldRacer

          This recalls my "residents of Mexico, the US and Canada are all Americans" comment a while back for which I was roasted, skewered and thumb widgeted within an inch of my posting life (not by you). Yet you get away with unbrexiting yourself with no comments. Do I detect a decidedly anti-'murican bent from my fellow forumites? Our arrogance (well, we ARE the best) is an envy magnet. LOL

          • shroppyfly

            Dont know about anti-murcian bent,but as i understand it murcia comes from america? ie A MURCIA N, which is odd as i too a mercian, shrop-pyfly , being someone from shropshire, which is in the region known as west mercia (Mercia was one of the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy ) dont ask me , im rubbish on history.

            And as for Brexit, another can of worms, and a knightmare to understand, maybe thats y no comments

            Anyhow all to play for this weekend in putin's back yard, Lewis will inevitably be on his best behaviour there with nothing political or lgb.. ish, i predict , the fans here are so cool, im so blessed to be here... what a great country Russia is etc etc blah blah , im going to sick urgggg

      • Linda

        Jono, why make this about race?🙄 It is a fair comment from DC. Yuki said himself that he has mixed feelings about being retained. Those are not the comments of someone wholly committed to his job, whether they be a Japanese, European or a Martian

  1. shroppyfly

    Funny Alpha T is now talked about as the sister team (no longer the b team or junior team) to RB and yet they popped a rookie into the car, obv Honda still have influence there for 22 ., but yes he probably wont be in the seat for 23 unless he monsters gasley in 22 which i think wed all agree he isnt going to do


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