Cosworth CA2010 V8 engine

Current Cosworth CA2010 V8 engine used by HRT and Marrusia

Cosworth has rejected reports it will definitely bow out of formula one after 2013.

It has been suggested the independent British engine marque, currently supplying V8s to Marussia and HRT, is not in a position to commit to a costly V6 development programme for the radical 2014 rules.

But when asked about 2014, Cosworth's F1 chief Kim Spearman said on Friday: "If we can find a commercially sustainable way to provide a competitive platform for some potential customers, we'd like to do that.

"We are in useful negotiations with customers and hopefully we'll find a way to be in."

He confirmed Cosworth has already started work on a 2014 project.

"Oh yes," said Spearman. "We've been working on the engine for 18 months."

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