Jun.7 - Two Formula 1 presenters have been suspended for alleged sexist remarks during last weekend's Sky Italia broadcast of the Spanish GP.

Davide Valsecchi and Matteo Bobbi, both former F1 test drivers, have apologised after joking about an attractive woman who was standing in frame in the Barcelona paddock during the live broadcast.

"I want to tell Davide that behind him there is a nice package of updates, if he turns around," 44-year-old Bobbi, who was a Minardi test driver, reportedly said.

Turning around, 2012 GP2 champion Valsecchi said: "Unfortunately they told me that you can't test them."

It is believed the Italian pair will be absent in Montreal as they suspended from duty for at least one race.

Sky is yet to comment on the story, but 36-year-old Valsecchi has apologised.

"I would like to apologise to anyone who has felt offended, to women and to Sky," he said.

Bobbi added: "I was the protagonist of a joke that came out in a completely unpleasant way, even though it wasn't my intention.

"As I am anything but a disrespectful person, I sincerely apologise to anyone who may have felt offended, reiterating my total and profound respect for everyone and all women.

"For ten years I have been commenting on F1 with my friends at Sky, a family now, and in those ten years I've never been in such a situation.

"I've always thought that from mistakes you understand, you learn and you start again," he added.

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Controversy in the paddock: F1 presenters suspended for inappropriate remarks

    • Jusaf1fan

      This day we can say nothing!!! This is a strange world… thanks god I got married 25 years ago!!! That days I could say to my wife (just a normal girl at the time)that she was damn hot… and still btw😍!

  1. CanadianEh

    What have we come to? We now have to deny and apologize for our God-given appreciation of a beautiful woman. How ridiculous can it get? Oh right, I forgot - no-one can be offended in todays super-inclusive ultra-diverse societies. Opinion's? So long as they reflect the left-wing narrative, you are good to go. Express admiration for a beautiful example of a woman, and we men are 'sexist' or 'misogynist's'. FFS.

    Just another example of why Sky Sports just sucks!!

  2. CanadianEh

    And I forgot to mention, I know of very few women that don't appreciate a compliment - unless they are misandrist's. I certainly appreciated the rare compliment back in the day. I'm now an old fat bastard - but I too was an Adonis at one point.

  3. Mazza

    Ummmm...for all you above....that's not really a compliement. Calling an attractive woman a "package" and offering to "test her upgrades" is actually an insult.
    If you need lessons in what a real compliment is maybe...
    "Doesn't the woman behind you look attractive"

    • Blo

      Mazza, this was a humorous compliment which the lady in question clearly understood perfectly and consequently made it a greater compliment than the frankly slightly creepy alternative you offered.
      Let’s hope we never lose our ability to gently make fun while giving a gentle backhanded compliment due to the fear of being pilloried by a tiny woke minority who prefer the opportunity to take offence at something that has no direct effect on them personally.

  4. Mazza

    Yeah I get that and as my husband and I discussed, I probably would've laughed when it was said in context in the coverage. But it doesn't read well - kind of like a "phwoar" sort of comment which isn't always a compliment.
    I was trying to point out that not everyone finds that sort of stuff complimentary - sometimes it's icky. But I do think the suspension was an overreaction, especially as the woman concerned wasn't offended at all.


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