Sep.23 - Colombia has become the latest country interested in joining Formula 1's ever-expanding race calendar.

With the publication of the official schedule for 2023, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem said he was proud that "new venues" were signing up amid the "retention of traditional events".

One of the next 'new venues' in F1 could be the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

City mayor Jaime Pumarejo told Colombian radio Blu: "Representatives of Formula 1 have already visited the city and they like it.

"If the remaining issues are settled, hopefully we can talk about the 2024 or 2025 season. The contract will be signed for ten years," he said.

However, there is increasing tension between Formula 1's authorities and the teams.

A report in the British newspaper The Guardian said team bosses were left "angry and frustrated" when the new calendar was released.

Apparently, the arduous October-November triple-header through Austin, Mexico and Sao Paulo was set in stone without their approval.

One team source said it is "unacceptable", while the F1 owner Liberty Media was also reportedly unhappy that the announcement of a new deal with Monaco had to be rushed because of the timing of the calendar's release.

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26 F1 Fan comments on “Colombia could join F1 calendar in 2024 season?

    • shroppyfly

      Not only does the poisoned dwarf Aka Nicola Sturgeon want independence for Scotland shes not been seen in Flavs motorhome asking what it'll take to get a Gp in the granite city of Aberdeen, Flav wasn't too impressed with her offering of free Haggis as a bribe, Come on Peter lets have all the races in America, should keep the Dame gainfully employed at Merc for yrs to come

    • Carl

      The US now owns F1
      Fortunately or unfortunately
      They're doing what they want with their property
      They believe that an American race or races will become more important than Monaco 🇲🇨
      They own the Vegas race and are putting 200+ millions into a permanent income generating facility for tourists like Abu Dabi
      Guessing Ferrari won't get a marketing tie in with this one
      Bye Europe bye history bye F1 as you knew it
      It will now be as any other US TV and sports spectacle
      The erosion of the European bias that some Complain about has already started...
      Make of it what you may

  1. John B

    I am a true Scot and it pains me to say that the current cost of staging a Grand Prix is way beyond the economy of Scotland at present. A liason with Trumptwat would be a huge mistake

    Scotland the Brave

    Independence for all

    • ReallyOldRacer

      As a true Scot, a relatively small country, you should be very proud to have given us Stewart and Clark, two of the best ever and neither one a silver spoon baby.

      • Blo

        Ah Jim Clark, a sublime driver in any car. I was fortunate to see him in a Lotus Cortina at Brands Hatch leave the rest of the field miles behind and it looked like a Sunday afternoon drive.

      • John B

        I am proud to be a fellow scot with two of the best sporting racers of all time

        I met Jackie at an international clay shooting competition in Carnoustie Scotland and was honored to shake his hand and chat with him

        The Jim Clark museum is phenomenal now it is extended. Well worth a visit

  2. John B

    Plenty of financial inducement there

    Would help their economy including the oldest profession in the world and their business distribution networks

    Cheap daily accommodation and low price fun

    • Blofly

      Right on the first four I think but in my humble opinion if you are sarcastic you are not being intelligent you are being clever, a far more useful asset.
      School teachers always seemed to prefer intelligence over being clever as I was always being told not to be clever.

  3. smokey

    If the teams are really angry and frustrated, and also find it unacceptable to continue expanding the number of races each season, then they should boycott the races that they find are unacceptable. Stop bowing and start bucking!
    Liberty Media are interested only in making bigger profits for their business. The days when F1 was considered a sport have long since passed. It is only a business designed to make huge profits. Thanks for that, Bernie!
    The planned race for Aberdeen has been shelved, and transferred to Inverness for the 2025 calendar. Nicola told me yesterday.


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