Nov.20 - There is still room on future Formula 1 calendars for more than the unprecedented 23 races that have been scheduled for 2021.

That is the news from Chase Carey, who said in an investors teleconference that he feels "very good" about his relationship with current and future race promoters.

"Many places where we have raced this year have expressed great interest in new races, and other countries are more interested than ever," said the F1 CEO.

"We hope to move to a calendar of 24 races in the coming years, and we will probably rotate some races so that we can accommodate some new partners.

"But they will be limited, as long-term partnerships remain our priority," added Carey.

The American, who is handing over to Stefano Domenicali for 2021, also said Formula 1 hopes to bring the Paddock Club back to covid-affected F1 next year.

"We are planning for events with fans in 2021 that provide a close to normal experience," he said.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Carey: F1 eyeing 24-race calendars in future

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Yeah, Chase, a longer season, rotating tracks and the Paddock Club are the major foci. We have much bigger challenges. Come 2021, good riddance to the corpspeak. Maybe Stefano can return some sensible racing focus. We'll see.

  2. Oldtwit

    So all Management of F1 should have to be at every circuit from Thursday morning and go home after the teams have left at every race, see how much they want to keep on adding races.

  3. NoNonsenseF1

    His name sounds like Care, but he certainly id not taking care of F1-teampersonnel at all. Almost NOBODY ask for MORE races but Liberty Medias bankaccount. He is wrong all the way if he compare NBA or NFL with F1 . an NBA team has approx 20 players and ofcourse some staff but they only have to take a ball with them and flying at the most 2 hours to a game ! How stupid is it to compare that with 20 drivers , 5000 staff and tons of equipment to transport ALL over the world ? Unbelievable what this man is doing to the sport is killing it .


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