May 6 - Zak Brown has opened the door to a potential driver change at McLaren.

The Melbourne newspaper Herald Sun is running with the headline "Axed?", after team supremo Brown admitted Australian Ricciardo's seat is not safe beyond 2023.

The French sports daily L'Equipe quotes American Brown as insisting he is not thinking "too far ahead" after locking in Lando Norris' deal through 2025.

"We still have a year together and prefer not to think too far ahead," Brown said.

The Herald Sun called Brown's comments "a massive vote of no confidence" in former Red Bull star Ricciardo, 32, who has been overshadowed by the young Norris.

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Brown admits Ricciardo's F1 seat is not safe yet

    • smokey

      I agree with what you say, however, apart from last season's win his performance at McLaren has been somewhat lacklustre compared to his team mate.
      Has he lost his enthusiasm that was driving him in the past?

      • chris

        Now here, if you look at the stats so far this year although Ricciardo may have been out qualified 4-1, at Miami he got screwed over by a gearbox issue in quali and given his Q1 and FP times he should have out qualified Norris, at Imola Norris crashed preventing Ricciardo from setting a faster lap (he was, once again, faster than Norris through FP), and in Bahrain the car was so undeniably slow neither of them were fast.

        As for the races, in Bahrain he finished ahead, in Jeddah he was ahead AND FASTER until his engine failed, in Australia he was faster but ordered not to pass Norris, in Imola he lined up side by side but got tangled up with the Ferrari of Sainz which damaged his car and prevented him from catching up to the pack, and in Miami he ran a similar race to Norris, except he could conserve his tyres twice as well and didn't make silly mistakes like Norris piling up with Gasly

  1. Les

    RIC is overrated, always has been. The Red Bull car made him look a better driver than he is. He hasn't even won as many races as Mark Weber 9 to 8 and Weber contended for the WDC in 2010 up to the last race.
    RIC has always been good at talking himself up. Just do an Iceman and drive fast say little.

    • Mark

      Ricciardo gave Max a run for his money at Red Bull, he only didn’t stay because of not equal pairing.
      I think Ricciardo will end up back at Red Bull at some stage.

  2. Mario Melo

    About Ricciardo i think he can leave Formula 1 at end of season and be replaced, i will give my opinion for 2023 line up:

    Ferrari - leclerc, sainz
    Red Bull - versttapen, perez
    Mercedes - Russell, gasly (Hamilton leaves F1)
    MCLaren - Norris, O'Ward ( coming from Indylights)
    Aston Martin - Stroll, Alonso
    Alpine - Ocon, Piastry
    Alpha Romeo- Bottas, Pourchaire (Graduate from F2)
    Alpha Tauri - Tsunoda, Lawson (Graduate from F2)
    Williams - Albon, Devries ( coming from FE)
    Haas - Magnussen, Illot

    • shroppyfly

      So thats a big list, Dyo think the Doc is going to let Gasly go to Merc? it wont be 23 as hes contracted to Rb/At..!

      What i could see, is Perez at AT and Gasly at RB for 24 though .

      Like you, . just my opinion


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