Jun.15 - Rumours are gaining steam that George Russell is definitely set to replace Valtteri Bottas for 2022 and beyond.

"We would like to keep George," new Williams team principal Jost Capito admitted to Sky Deutschland. "But we all know that Mercedes will make the decision."

Indeed, Russell is a closely Toto Wolff-aligned Mercedes junior who is expecting the call to be made "by the end of the summer break at the latest".

"My attitude is to get it all wrapped up as soon as possible. That is in everyone's best interest," the Williams driver added.

Even Mercedes' closest rival - Red Bull - thinks Russell replacing Finn Bottas, who has been on one-year contracts since 2017, is "the logical step".

"They can't hold it off any longer, otherwise the (driver) program no longer makes sense. Even if Hamilton won't be happy," Dr Helmut Marko told f1-insider.com.

It appears that the logical move for the Bottas, 31, is that he will simply trade places with 23-year-old Russell at Williams - the team Bottas entered Formula 1 with in 2013.

"Bottas doesn't need to call us," Red Bull's Marko insisted. "There is no space here.

"Actually, I can only imagine that he swaps with Russell. I think Williams will be the only option for him."

It is rumoured that Mercedes might announce Russell's impending arrival at his home race at Silverstone next month.

Esteban Ocon, meanwhile, is expected to have his Alpine contract renewal announced at his own home race this weekend at Paul Ricard.


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16 F1 Fan comments on “Bottas to trade places with Russell next season?

  1. Jax

    The Old fella makes an interesting point. Which makes me wonder.....what's going to be the excuse/s from the haters when Sir Lewis dominates next year(yes this another prediction so try to remember this one Old Racer), given the cars will be different? Let me take a stab at the excuses.
    1. The Fia conspired with Merc to make the rules and cars advantageous to them.
    2. Merc is favoring Lewis over Russell and giving him the best car setup to keep him happy as agreed in his contract.
    So basically it will boil down to the same old tired excuse of....."it's the car it's the car". Lol

    • shroppyfly

      you been sniffing the brake fluid on your Jaxi again?, and funny you should mention " the car " because that's all Arnie has been banging on about recently

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Jaxman, I'd need 3 gigs of storage to track your HAM failed predictions. If Sir Lewis tightens his boots and has his 100/8 season he won't be around next year.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    Best guess: if HAM quits BOT/RUS, or HAM/BOT if Sir Lewis bungles this season. The wild card is how badly Toto beats on BOT this year. Either way it seems like MB dominance ends this season. Maybe, just maybe we will have a very competitive 2022 season. IMO, which is almost never correct. LOL

  3. Jax

    So Old one, I'm curious. What are you basing your theory of Hammer retiring this year if he gets #8 mantra on?
    Oh and also point out my supposed wrongful predictions, if you dare!

  4. shroppyfly

    probably right Torger just needs to show some love to Bottas, Lucy wouldn't want IMO to be shown up by George, nomatter how much he says he enjoys it, the press would slaughter him, ok he beat alonso in 2008 but tailspin alonso, as for leclerc on vettel well nuff said , thats facing Lulu , or at least the risk of it IMO will make him retire, but your right who knows ?? got to know when to hold and when to fold as they say.

  5. shroppyfly

    it just had to be mmm

    Pre-race press conference pairings in full – Thursday 17th June, from 11.30am BST

    Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)


    Ill tell you a wrong prediction lewis will stay for 3 years but now only wants a 1 yr deal 3 gigs you are magic and i dont mean like "that special magic button" hamster uses correctly/incorrectly lol


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