Dec.22 - Mattia Binotto has confirmed reports that several Ferrari employees will work on the design and development of Haas' 2021 car - at Maranello.

When it emerged that designer Simone Resta is moving to Haas with Mick Schumacher, some suggested Resta will actually remain based at Ferrari's factory.

Ferrari boss Binotto now confirms that.

"These people will work in Maranello in a completely different building to where Ferrari works," he told

"They also have no access to the building in which the Scuderia works. They are completely separate from each other."

Binotto insists that Haas remains a Ferrari "customer", but he admits that the teams will be more closely aligned from 2021.

"Some of our people will join their team," said the Italian. "I think this is a great opportunity for Haas because it offers them organisational and technical advantages.

"We also needed people to leave because we have to reduce the team as a result of the budget cap," Binotto admits.

However, the Italian said Ferrari and Haas will remain "completely independent" from one another.

"It is not a junior team of ours and we will not exchange information outside the rules that have been set about this," Binotto explained.

"But because we have to downsize, I am very happy that our boys can go to Haas and not be available for another team. That's how we look at the collaboration."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Binotto says former Ferrari people now work for Haas in Maranello

  1. LoneStar F1

    Steiner is okay and understands the politics of F1 but he is not the caliber of a Ross Brawn or Christian Horner or Jean Todt and that's what this team needs. Especially a team that is blended with Ferrari.

  2. Scott

    Is this not just a Ferrari bs excuse to get around the incoming cost caps? Shuffling the numbers, changing the colour of a few staff t-shirts but ultimately they're doing the same job just paid via a different route/cost centre so as not to bust the limit?


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