Oct.29 - Ferrari's goal for 2021 is a return to podium positions, according to team boss Mattia Binotto.

The Maranello team has struggled in 2020, but consecutive car upgrades over the last three races culminated in P4 for Charles Leclerc in Portimao.

Binotto said: "We have to check if that was because of the car or the circuit, but we think we are in the right direction."

However, he warned that a return to wins or title contention will need to wait until the all-new rules in 2022.

"Realistically in 2021, we will not go back to fighting for the world championship," he told Sky Italia.

"I think our goal is to try to aim for the podium regularly. 2022 will be the big discontinuity and the opportunity to reshuffle the cards," Binotto added.

The Italian said he is optimistic about the future.

"I'm sure this team is still alive and we will take a step forward. It's the right time for a strong change, so once we are all able to work on the 2022 aerodynamics from next January, it will be a great challenge," he said.

As for 2021, however, Binotto admitted that Ferrari will not make a huge leap forwards.

"The regulations as they are written are very restrictive, so there are few opportunities to come up with something unique," he said.

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One F1 fan comment on “Binotto: Ferrari not aiming for 2021 title

  1. David Larison

    The first Step (Not a Leap) will be to replace Binotto in my opinion, Ferrari doesn't race for second or third! Enzo would be Furious if he were to hear this, Gilles Villeneuve never raced for anything but the Top of the Podium. I was apalled, I was morally offended when I read Binottos' comments, David


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