May 26 - Sauber's performance crisis is becoming so severe that it's "embarrassing", according to highly respected veteran journalist Roger Benoit.

Even with Audi now owning 100 percent of the Swiss team, and pushing hard to secure departing Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz for 2025 and beyond, the neon green cars have been dead last all weekend long in Monaco.

"The difference between where we are and Q2 is simply amazing," said Valtteri Bottas.

Benoit, earlier critical of how long it took Sauber to fix its technical issues this season leading to excruciatingly-long pitstops, wrote in his latest Blick column from Monaco: "It couldn't be more embarrassing."

"The red flag was waved twice in the Monaco practice sessions," he added, "both after a Sauber crash.

"How long will Audi, which is taking over the whole business, watch this tragedy unfolding at its future partner? Because this negative spiral will also affect the Germans as they build a powerful Formula 1 team."

Benoit points the finger at three key players at Sauber.

"Bottas and (Guanyu) Zhou, accompanied by the endless fairy tales of team representative (Alessandro) Alunni Bravi, should not even be a topic for the diligent cleaning crew in the Hinwil factory halls for 2025," he charged.

But Benoit, 74, does see signs of hope for the future.

"Nico Hulkenberg is coming back to Hinwil," he said. "And if Carlos Sainz does not come, which would not be smart despite the lack of results, Yuki Tsunoda will be in pole position for the other seat.

"He is having a sensational season with Racing Bulls Honda, already scoring 15 points."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Audi's Dilemma: Sauber's Struggles Threaten Future F1 Partnership

  1. shroppyfly

    Aldi bought the team for a cheap enough price , if 500 Mill or so is cheap..!, they know there stuff, from DTM to Le Mans to Dakar, i know time moves on but buying Williams for 135M looks now like the bargain of the century for the vulture capitalists, yes Sauber are poor , but the amount of effort and tech expertise and money invested in the background with Aldi will be Huge,and even owing 100% they wont want there rings on the car till they are ready in 26


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