Apr.23 - Formula 1 team Aston Martin is emerging as the frontrunner to snag the works Audi deal for 2026 and beyond.

Even more obvious, on the other hand, is that Red Bull will almost certainly team up with the other Volkswagen brand - Porsche.

"It wasn't long ago that VW said yes," Dr Helmut Marko admitted to f1-insider.com. "Therefore it is a logical situation for two partners like Porsche and Red Bull to enter into talks.

"That will happen now."

However, while Porsche looks content to effectively become a Honda-like works engine partner, Audi seems to want to take over an existing team.

McLaren has already turned down a reported EUR 650 million takeover.

Therefore, with Silverstone based Aston Martin struggling to make an impact in Formula 1 despite billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll's big investments, selling on to Audi might make sense.

"In the end, Stroll is a businessman," former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher said. "And the investment would work out for him like that.

"The hype surrounding Formula 1 is currently great, so I can see them fetching a good price.

"The rumours are only getting louder," Schumacher told Sky Deutschland, even though Alfa Romeo and Williams have also been linked with the Audi deal. "Apparently, there are already talks."

Schumacher has been highly critical of Stroll's methods of throwing money not only at team infrastructure but also at aggressively head-hunting talent from other teams.

"Success in Formula 1 takes time and patience," said the 6-time race winner.

"The team has to be built first, and that takes time. And at the end of the day, Stroll is also an investor.

"In any case, Audi is looking for its own team and that could fit quite well."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Aston Martin team on pole for Audi takeover?

  1. shroppyfly

    Stroll owns 16-20% of AM Road cars-- Merc engines , hes also mayb majority shareholder in AM F1 team-- Merc engines, I bet Bod at Merc would be over the moon is AM f1 is Audi powered.... , and the Rd car division has Merc ice

    Stroll was all about we are building everything up, well have the best this, the best that, facilities etc, and What now ? hed consider selling out to Audi ..! All this could be just the Journos, stirring things up ofcourse

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Shrop', seems doubtful that Mr. Stroll will enter a deal that mentions 'takeover'. Doesn't strike me as that type of guy. We'll see. And if Audi wants to own something, why not apply for a franchise and do a true Audi F1 effort?

      • Brian T

        I expect Stroll will follow his financial nose. If there was an opportunity to leave with a significant capital gain, he may. I guess he’d exit the road cars too. If that were to happen, would VW keep the brand…maybe…there’s value in the marque.

        • ReallyOldRacer

          Brian, you make sense but there is one more thing that comes to mind. Perhaps Mr. Stroll is wearing his racer's daddy hat and not his business hat. No big criticism of Lance, but I doubt he would last long on his own merit. Don't forget his sister is into the equestrian scene, another expensive activity. Daddy does dote on the kids.

  2. shroppyfly

    Audi rumour---lets say we are interested in AM, well get a better deal with whom we really want..!

    Stroll rumour, lets push Merc to do more for AM F1, by starting a rumour.

    Who knows..


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