Aug.1 - Aston Martin is delighted to confirm that Fernando Alonso will join the team in 2023 on a multi-year contract. The whole company is very excited to bring Fernando’s incredible experience and brilliant pace and race craft to the team. The recruitment of a special talent such as Fernando is a clear statement of intent from an organisation that has committed to developing a winning Formula One team.

Fernando Alonso said about his move to Aston Martin

“This Aston Martin F1 team is clearly applying the energy and commitment to win, and it is therefore one of the most exciting teams in Formula One today. I have known Lawrence and Lance for many years and it is very obvious that they have the ambition and passion to succeed in Formula One. I have watched as the team has systematically attracted great people with winning pedigrees, and I have become aware of the huge commitment to new facilities and resources at Silverstone.

No one in Formula One today is demonstrating a greater vision and absolute commitment to winning, and that makes it a really exciting opportunity for me. I still have the hunger and ambition to fight to be at the front, and I want to be part of an organisation that is committed to learn, develop and succeed. We all appreciate that there is much to be done to get to the front, and that we must apply all our energies in working together to find performance. The passion and desire to perform that I have witnessed convince me to maintain my enjoyment and commitment to the sport. I intend to win again in this sport and therefore I have to take the opportunities that feel right to me.”

Lawrence Stroll (Executive Chairman)
Former Ferrari boss set to join Aston Martin in the future

Lawrence Stroll, Owner, Aston Martin F1

“I have known and admired Fernando for many years and it has always been clear that he is a committed winner like me. I have set out to bring together the best people and develop the right resources and organisation to succeed in this highly competitive sport, and those plans are now taking shape at Silverstone. It seemed natural therefore to invite Fernando to be part of the development of a winning team, and we very quickly established in our recent conversations that we have the same ambitions and values, and it was logical and easy to confirm our desire to work together.”

Mike Krack (Team Principal)
Mike Krack 2022 Beyond the Grid podcast interview

Mike Krack, Team Principal, Aston Martin F1

“I have witnessed the excitement in the engineering team and throughout the whole organisation at the opportunity to work with Fernando. We know that nearly everyone can learn from someone of Fernando’s calibre and experience. We are confident that he will inspire everyone to lift their game, and that will only enhance the already infectious energy that exists within the team. We are on a journey to create a winning organisation, and it is clear that Fernando will accelerate our progress and bring us to a performance in which we can take pride.

We are delighted to have Fernando and Lance as our driver line-up next year - the combination of experience and youth will be incredibly strong and both drivers look forward to competing and working together. The team has a new leadership focused on the development of AMR23, and we are all thrilled that they and our future projects will benefit from the knowledge and experience that Fernando will bring.”

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17 F1 Fan comments on “Aston Martin F1 Team announces Alonso for next season & beyond

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    LOL. Staying put in Team Enstone seemed wholly sure.
    Therefore, very surprising, he suddenly changed his mind.
    Good news for Piastri as he'll 100% (not even 99) certainly succeed him as Ocon's next teammate.
    Just confirm him immediately.

    • Nobodysperfect

      Ocon is the worst teammate you can get, he rather fights his team mate instead of a rival of another team. Yesterday was a good example, when he was holding off his team mate Alonso as if his life depended on it and left the door open for Ricciardo to pass them both! What a complete moron...

  2. Brian T

    Well done to both. Alonso will be a better resource to the team and no doubt assist better with the car’s development. A better driver and way more fun!

  3. shroppyfly

    Translated as Alonso-I want a cast iron 2yr deal, Apline--Ummm naw 1+1, Alonso see ya, im fed up with Pink , Im going $$ green, and Stroll will wet himself every race.

  4. CanadianEh

    First things first, Alonso has to get the #1 seat. 2 X WDC along with shed-loads of experience and a natural talent that rivals Michael Schumacher's gift. If they are willing to listen, AM could become a serious contender.

    Meanwhile, Lance "Knuckles" Stroll urgently needs to eat a massive dose of humble-pie. His single podium finish versus Alonso's 98 (32 x 1st) is more than a little revealing. But witness his willingness to thwart Vettel's attempts to pass in Hungary (and in previous races) and I have to conclude that Knuckles is a little too entitled and needs a spanking. Shut up, move over and quit thinking you know it all.

    • Brian T

      I agree with the first paragraph.

      For the second, I seriously doubt there was any ‘hold station’ team order and Vettel was free to pass if he was able. There’s been a few races where Vettel lags his team mate.

      I expect Seb has been great for the team’s development, but he’s many years removed from his glory days as a racer.

      • CanadianEh

        Agreed - At Aston, Vettel hasn't always displayed his talents with the vigor we became accustomed to when he was driving at Red Bull. Yet, Vettel was faster than Knuckles, who steadfastly stayed on the racing line and didn't give way for his faster team mate.

        Your last sentence is curious. Schumacher and Ferrari had a unique chemistry. Michael joined a team in disarray. In his first year, a drive axle departed his car in the pit lane. Yet, working together, the team was transformed into an well-oiled machine that was virtually unbeatable.

        Vettel and Aston Martin have never sparkled like that. The Aston car has never been competitive, and Vettel seems to have shrunken, or become diminished is some curious way.

        Did the fire go out in Vettel's belly? Did Knuckles suck the oxygen out of the room where R & D was supposed to do their thang? God only knows.

        I just hope Alonso can make the kind of difference at Aston the way Schumi made a difference at Ferrari. That would be magical to witness.

  5. who_cares

    can't believe nandos career has come to this

    having one of the best drivers of all time toiling around the tail of the grid whilst still performing at such a high level is such a sad sight

    at least prost owned his own team

    • shroppyfly

      And as the Insolvency people were hammering on the door Prost told staff to shred as much as possible, how the memory betrays us, FA will finish lances career (hopefully)

  6. ReallyOldRacer

    Will ALO never stop making horrible career decisions? His entire career has been spent moving in the wrong direction. Leave a team that is finally competitive and go to the green weenies? Gotta' be more to this than meets the eye, or maybe it's just more $$$ than a Swiss bank.

    • CanadianEh

      Well, that's another thing. Alpine is finally getting competitive. Even with Vettel there for the last two and a half seasons, Aston Martin STILL sucks hind-tit. So WHAT is the draw? I can't see it.

      On the other hand, you could be right - they're offering a firm 2-year contract and an undisclosed mountain of cash. Hopefully he stipulated in his contract that he is going to be the #1 driver and Knuckles will stay out of his way.

  7. Blo

    As a major motor manufacturer you need a major front man for pr, Ocon and Pissy? Nah.
    Who can we think of who is fashion conscious, racially inclusive for Renaults world markets, instantly recognisable, can motivate a team with a mix of fear of failure and development expertise AND is one of the tiny number of drivers capable of winning consistently?

    Toto lives in Fr,is worn out, has nothing left to prove and his wife could do with a hand with Fe.
    Merc, Chrysler, Jeep,Andretti, = US F1 team ready made and much needed.

  8. shroppyfly

    I've always said it Branding it Alpine and not Renault was a Big Mistake, Alpines for Skiers, not a World name for your products, but heh , as they cant hold onto good drivers,and there engine hasn't been the dogs b***ox in the hybrid era, i guess the names unimportant..!!


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