May 17 - Alpine has emerged in support of Michael Andretti's bid to add an eleventh team to Formula 1.

Although the enthusiasm of Liberty Media, the FIA and at least half of the existing teams has been lacklustre, former driver Andretti's former F1 employer - McLaren - is in support.

Andretti's father, F1 legend and former world champion Mario, will even drive an old McLaren ahead of the US grand prix in Austin later this year.

Mario, 82, said in Miami that his son is determined to convince F1 to green light his new team in 2024.

"We can do that," he told Auto Motor und Sport when asked if the Andretti bid can meet all of the requirements, including financial.

"With an American team and driver, interest would explode," he added. "Michael has everything you need for a long-term project."

The objection of many existing F1 teams, however, is that an eleventh team effectively dilutes the value of their entries.

Unsurprisingly, Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi is a supporter of the Andretti bid - with team owner Renault having struck a deal to be the engine supplier.

"I'm very favourable," Rossi said. "It goes along with the expansion in the US.

"I think that will contribute to the show, directly generate interest in the US and, therefore, revenue.

"We need to demonstrate that it's enough to compensate for the (income) dilution. Gut feeling? I think it would, but let's do the job properly and we'll see."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Alpine & Renault backing Andretti's bid to enter F1

  1. shroppyfly

    If the USA is huge for f1, and I say if , because i dont know really, what does it mean to Renault? Id need Rors thoughts on Renault in the US , yes theres the Renault-Nissan aliance, but im fairly sure Renault cars are built predominantly for the EU, as for thats a total joke , a one model brand and a sports car to boot...Pointless IMO

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Now you've done it. Asked for my thoughts. Fond memories of owning a 3 car 'Renault Cup' team in the 80's. The idea was to id young drivers to move along to better things. 40-50 car entries, 72 mph top speed, get in a long line, break the draft and crash the guy in front of you.....repeat. Not conducive to identifying talent, but entertaining as hell.

      Second thought. Uh, at the age of 12-13 'borrowing' a neighbor's Dauphine in the 50's, couldn't find reverse and scared I was goona' get caught, drove around the block, parked it and got away with it.

      French cars have always been weird and have a '0' rep in the US.

      Suffice it to say that I lack respect for the marque. 'Alpine', wasn't that a cool BMW Z4 model in the early 2000's?

      • shroppyfly

        Ah, Happy days eh Ror, i admit i did have to oogle dauphine 50s and 1st thought was , lol that looks like a Renault Alpine of today.

        Hell, werent they running the 3 door hatch and booted versions, little boxey things, both of em lol

        As for Alpine, could be you mean Alpina who did do the z4, but the Alpinas were super exclusive great 3 and 5 series cars.
        Itll soon be Sunday Ror, the mayhem can continue...

        • ReallyOldRacer

          alpine...alpina. potato...potahto. I'm an American. You expect too much. Thought this next race was at the track with the paint that makes me dizzy, but I guess that's France. Oh well, VER here and LEC in Monaco. That's the limb I'm sitting on.


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