Feb.20 - In an exciting development that spans the next three years, AlphaTauri is set to revolutionize the attire of FIA staff by providing a range of clothing and accessories that merge style with practicality in the motorsport arena. Additionally, AlphaTauri has been named the official partner for the esteemed FIA Prize Giving Ceremony, marking a significant union between two entities with a strong focus on innovation.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem expressed enthusiasm about the new alliance, emphasizing the FIA's longstanding commitment to pioneering advancements in motorsport technology and innovation. He highlighted the exhaustive efforts of FIA staff to ensure the smooth operation and safety of motorsport events across the globe. "Through our collaboration with AlphaTauri, we aim to introduce a blend of comfort and elegance into our FIA apparel line. AlphaTauri's forward-thinking approach and their flair for fashion designates them as an ideal partner for this initiative,” Ben Sulayem remarked.

Echoing this sentiment, Ahmet Mercan, CEO of AlphaTauri, conveyed his excitement about becoming the FIA's official clothing partner. "This collaboration represents a remarkable opportunity for AlphaTauri to further demonstrate how innovation and technology can be elegantly woven into fashion. We are honored to provide the FIA team with our innovative products, which are a testament to our commitment to style and our focus on functional design," said Mercan.

This collaboration is a milestone that signifies the blending of automotive technology with the world of high fashion, setting a new standard for excellence. It promises to redefine the professional appearance of FIA staff, ensuring they remain at the forefront of style while fulfilling their roles in the dynamic environment of motorsport.

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One F1 fan comment on “AlphaTauri Transforms FIA Style: Motorsport Meets High Fashion

  1. Blo

    No conflict of interest there then? Why am I not surprised. Out of all the thousands of fashion brands worldwide they choose a brand owned by Red Bull. Really?


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