Sep.4 - Fernando Alonso is hoping for "at least" another two or three years on the Formula 1 grid.

For next year, the 41-year-old former two-time champion will switch from Alpine to Aston Martin amid the Oscar Piastri saga.

"It was because of the desire I saw on the part of Aston Martin to have me," the Spaniard told DAZN. "Perhaps that was missing with Alpine. Or the signs of affection that perhaps I did not have here.

"Alpine had Piastri, the young talent from the academy, and I was also going to a project that seemed more ambitious than Alpine's," Alonso added.

"I hope to be in Formula 1 for at least two or three more years - I think I am still at 100 percent. And then, from there, a challenge that I have never hidden is to try the Dakar again."

Alonso also wants to draw a line under the controversy surrounding his collision with Lewis Hamilton a week ago at Spa, having said on the radio that the seven time world champion only knows how to race from pole.

"There are things you say but don't think," he admitted. "My mistake for saying them.

"At the same time, you have to understand Formula 1. It's all a bit of a show, so we'll try not to give them too much of a show when it's that controversial."

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One F1 fan comment on “Alonso eyes three more years on the F1 grid now

  1. smokey

    Fernando is still up to the challenge, he still has what it takes to be super competitive in this game! What great experience he takes with him to complement his outstanding abilities in the car!


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